Why should you consider a booted rescue drive as a backup solution for your PC?

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PCs and systems are critical to getting work done. If they are working smoothly and fine, your business will always manage efficiency to its processes and operations. But when they are not up and running, problems can compound and in worst cases, might derail the pace of your business (windows 10 full system backup). 

That’s why nobody—neither an individual nor an organization— can afford to have their PC or computer down, even for a few minutes. But we know PCs, networks and servers face downtime all the time and in some cases, they might go inactive for hours or days as well. 

And when one is remote and their PC is down, the problem can compound further as it often takes a lot of time in arranging for a replacement or loaner. Such scenarios are always bad no matter who faces them. 

Similarly, there are a whole array of modern and sophisticated threats that take even the best prepared down and they include. Without knowing those risk factors, you can never be fully prepared.    

  • Ransomware – Scenarios where hackers might lock and encrypt computers and ask for money to give the access back. 
  • Software Corruption – Situations where software might get corrupt without any notice thereby putting our files and sensitive information at risk.   
  • Malware and Viruses – Cases were the best protected software can’t stop PCs from having their defense breached by advanced and ever-evolving malware and viruses. 
  • Hardware Problems – No computer or system is full-proof against the threats of hardware problems and they can happen anytime without prior warning. 

It’s quite clear systems today are at more risks than ever before and with the nature of threats increasingly becoming sophisticated, data and files and information are always going to be at huge risk. 

And if you too can’t afford your PC being down even for a second, you should then have a robust mechanism in place so that a 100% backup of data is available.

And the backup solution you should use has to be in tune with the modern times and one that is able to deliver results even if you’re remote. 

A booted rescue drive as an excellent backup solution

A booted rescue drive work has to be one of the best innovations when it comes to data backup. It’s simple and can ensure your data, files, critical business information are all safe even when the disaster strikes. 

  • You just install a booted rescue drive and it will automatically back up the entire PC to any storage device
  • It’s possible to start the PC from your rescue drive itself in case any treats strikes
  • Your entire PC is safe, including all your files, images, info and any data that is stored there
  • You can access the work from the drive and even access the work on a remote basis
  • You can start a rescue drive on other PC as well 
  • It’s the only solution that will get your PC back and up and running in seconds 
  • There won’t be any need – or any time wasted – in arranging for a restore process or looking for booting your alternate rescue media 
  • Anytime your PC can be restored from the drive 

Top features of a booted rescue drive 

Full System Backup & Restore

No other backup solution promises that and this is what makes a booted rescue drive special in true sense. With it, you will always be sure that there is a full system backup and a full system restore in case of disaster. 

Recovery on Any Pc

Having a portable backup solution means you will have the freedom to carry your data away and use other PCs as well for access. You can start the drive from a different PC and stay productive on the time.

Full Disk Encryption

A backup solution that is bootable and also offers full-disk encryption can do wonders in terms of flexibility and convenience. With such an option, your data is always inaccessible when the rescue drive is stolen or lost.   

Real-Time Backup   

A rescue drive provides real-time backup as it backs up files, documents, photos as and when they change. So, you’re always confident that nothing would be lost even if there is disaster. 

Ransomware Protection

Any backup solution that offers protection against ransomware attacks has to be incredibly helpful as you can then avoid the situation where hackers lock and encrypt the PC and demand money to give your access back (Ransomware Data Recovery). 

Instant Recovery

A powerful backup solution is one that ensures instant recovery irrespective of the nature of threats faced by the PC. And this is why a booted rescue drive stands out from the crowd of other data backup solutions in the market.    

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