Choose Smart Soda over others
Choose Smart Soda over others

Choosing a drink or beverage for daily refreshment should be done very wisely. Here at Smart Soda, we offer a premium alkaline water platform that provides you with the healthiest water available at the beverage market. Our system offers commercial and individual customers access to the healthiest water which is alkaline water combined with 32 vitamin-infused flavored sparkling glasses of water, and craft sodas made with only organic cane sugar or zero sugar that are 100% natural, free from harsh chemicals, no artificial flavors, vegan, kosher, antioxidant-rich, and gluten-free.  

More than just a soda company, Smart Soda is a global provider of premier equipment for Beverages solutions for numerous industries out there. Smart Soda is a healthy soda alternative. This has truly set us apart from the competition because our products both taste better and are better for your health as compared to other random sodas, flavored sparkling water, and soft drinks brands available in the market. 

A few of our most loved and demanded equipment are Slushie machines, water vending machines, fountain drink dispensers, ice machines, and water dispensers. Smart Soda is established with a main or ultimate motto to revolutionize the beverage industry by empowering our customers with lifelong partnerships, societal welfare, and world-class carbonated water systems that offer a healthier option, while also tasting great, and are environmentally friendly. Keep scrolling to see why Smart Soda is the better and healthier alternative to traditional sugary sodas and sweetened drinks.

Smoothie or Slushie machines have gained popularity as an increasing number of industries recognize the profit potential and latent growth of these beverages. Machines for making smoothies, frozen drinks, ice crushers, and blended coffee beverages are now common in quick-service restaurants, while slushies are usually seen in convenience stores. Slushie machines are also known as granita machines, are basically automatic and self-operated equipment and systems that produce water- and frozen sugar-based beverages. When it comes to choosing healthy drinks for office or other refreshments keeping in mind the health of your employees and operating costs at the same time, smart soda’s affordable range of services and equipment becomes the perfect choice.  

How can we help you? 

To serve you, we have an all-encompassing support platform complete with convenient financing programs, Nationwide Network of Service providers, NO WORRY-5-year Service & Maintenance, and have strategic partnerships with Beverage tools, machines, or other types of equipment that guarantee our customers a one-stop-shop for all their commercial beverage solutions.

Smart Soda deals in all the tools and equipment that foodservice entrepreneurs need to take care of their customers, keep employees happy and drive sales and profits. We strive to offer the perfect beverage solution that your customers love and will keep coming back for. We offer numerous varieties of slushie machines, water machines, carbonated soft drinks, juice, energy drinks, brewed tea, cappuccino, hot cocoa, and coffee beverages to satisfy all of your customer’s tastes. If you are setting up your new restaurant business, expanding your franchise, planning to set up an automatic machine for your space, or looking to provide more variety for your customers, feel free to get in touch with Smart soda representatives and we’ll work with you to grow your business. Visit our official website and know more about us. 

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