Instacart Clone App: The Best Way To Enter In The On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business

instacart clone

Why choose Instacart Clone App? 

You need to step into the On-Demand Delivery Industry with Instacart Clone as it offers you: 

Opportunity to Do More Business 

Businesses work hard with the motto of earning more Profits by increasing Sales manifold. So, if your Grocery Store is registered with the Instacart Clone, it means that your Store will be open for Orders 24/7. Since Customers are purchasing their Groceries Online, they can do it anytime. And at any available Time Slot, as chosen by the Customer, the Order will be delivered to their Doorstep from the Grocery Store. 

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs 

The On-Demand Grocery App like Instacart Automates everything from Invoice generation, Grocery Inventory Management, Managing On-Going Orders, Editing the Prices, etc. Thus, this reduces Store’s expenses that might be spent on hiring extra Manpower to do the work manually. Thus, not only it saves them a lot of cash, but Automation of processes reduces Human-induced Errors and Enhances Productivity at Work. 

Integration of Multiple Modes of Payment 

With a Pre-Built, Mature, and Fully-Functional Instacart Clone, the App Owners can easily integrate a number of different Modes of Payments. This Feature is necessary because people, after the Pandemic have opted for Cashless Transactions. Simply because Currency Notes are one of the most common carriers of this lethal Covid-19 Virus. Thus, the most common Payment Modes that can be added are Bank Cards and In-App Wallets.

These pointers might have convinced you about the perks of choosing an Instacart Clone App for your Grocery Business, but that is not all! Here is a list of Hand-Picked Futuristic, Power-Packed Features of the On-Demand Grocery Delivery App.

instacart clone

Robust and Market-Leading Instacart Clone Features 

1. Real-time Graphical Status of the Grocery Delivery 

Through In-App Push Notifications and Interactive Graphical Icons that pop-ups on the screen after the Grocery Order has been placed. Hereafter, Customers get the Live Status of their Grocery Order. This feature is useful to keep the Customers updated about the current status of the Order such as, if their Order has been Confirmed, the Order has been Packed and is ready for Dispatch, the Delivery Driver is on the way; the Order has been Delivered Successfully, etc. 

2. Voice Note Instructions for Delivery Drivers 

The App also has the feature of leaving Voice Instructions for Store Delivery Drivers. Customers can Record and Upload a Voice Note with a single tap on the App itself with Instructions like: 

  • Where to Drop the Package? 
  • Where to park their Two-Wheeler? 
  • How do they want the Package to be delivered? 

This feature helps the Delivery Driver to seamlessly drop off the Order Packages on time. The Delivery Driver then clicks a picture of the Package that is kept right outside the Doorstep of the App-User and uploads it on the App as proof of Successful Delivery. Alongside, the feature facilitates Social Distancing which is in direct compliance with the World Health Organization’s strict Covid-19 Safety Regulations. 

3. Cookie Consent Pop-Up for the App’s Website 

Complying with the GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) Cookie Directive, this Management Solution is integrated with the App’s Website. Under this Feature, when the User is Browsing the Website, it will ask the User to accept the Cookie Consent. By clicking on the ‘OK’ button, the User can give consent. The Website will again ask the User if they want to delete the Browsing History or the Website Data. 

This Cookie Consent Pop-Up is designed and deployed keeping in mind the Online Privacy Rights of the User’s Personal Information.  

 4. A feature that puts a constraint on Delivery Driver’s Fraud 

This Feature prevents the Grocery Delivery Drivers from tapping on the ‘Arrived’ Button on the App unless they are 10 meters away from the Store’s Pickup Location. Earlier, some of the Grocery Delivery Drivers have clicked on the icon even when they were at least a Mile away from the Store’s Pickup Location. 

This Feature has led to a steep reduction in the false activities carried on by the Delivery Drivers. Also, it has proven out to be a great feature to stir up Transparency in the Delivery Process of the Orders. 

5. Advanced Grocery Store Search 

Now Customers can quickly find their favorite Grocery Store or a Grocery item on the App. Bidding goodbye to long hours of just scrolling, the App Users can do an Advanced Search by typing in a relevant Keyword or Name. So, in the Search Box on the top of the App’s Screen Customers can Search for Fresh Green Apples, and a long list of Grocery Stores selling Green Apples will appear on the screen. 

This feature saves Customers time while Ordering Groceries plus keeps them engaged at the same time. 


Are you listing out some of the best plans for New Year? How about becoming a Billionaire? Because now you can start your very own On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business within 5 to 7 Days. Because this App helps you make easy and quick money in the shortest period possible. You’ll be surprised to know that you’d be raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch.

To make that happen for real, connect with the best White-Labeling Firm out there! How to find the best firm?

  • They must have an Industry Experience of at least 7 to 8 years. 
  • Their Official Website must contain Video Testimonials of their Clients. 
  • They should offer Free Demo App trials until the day you feel like you have found the ‘Perfect App’ that you wanted. 

Hurry! Get in touch with such a Firm ASAP! 

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