5 White Sneaker Wardrobe Ideas That Will Take Your Style Up A Notch


White sneakers are a wardrobe must-have this season. They can be dressed up or down and pair well with just about anything. Here are five ways to wear white sneakers this season.

Why Your Wardrobe must have a Pair of White Sneakers  

The active-fashion style dominates the runway prompting fashion-forward lads and celebs on the red carpet to adopt the chic street look.

The white sneaker won’t resemble your typical running or gym shoe, but it will look sleek, clean, and vintage (devoid of any pre-loved aesthetic). Its best feature? It’s very versatile.

With its premium leather or cool canvas construction,  canvas shoes for men – whether low or high cut – can be worn with any style mix; no sweat is required.

Make Yourself A Prepster

As part of the origin of the white sneaker, Steve McQueen allowed men of the fifties to wear Chuck Taylors with cotton chinos and a Ralph Lauren polo – without socks. It is still worn today. With a white tennis shoe in canvas, the look evokes a country club aesthetic, paired with bone or khaki trousers (cropped these days for a super modern look), a pastel shirt (enhances the prep look), or a navy and white Breton shirt.

Shorts & White Sneakers

Despite being the most obvious choice for sneakers, shorts can also be the most challenging to wear. Why? Shorts and sneakers can make the outfit look more gym-worthy than a casual summer outfit that is perfectly stylish. For this reason, the white sneaker should be worn without socks and with a low-cut silhouette.

If you’re wearing tailored chino shorts and a relaxed blazer, stick to leather to maintain the dressier vibe. Canvas ankle shoes for men look cooler and smart. 

Pair the white sneaker with shorts like you would driving loafers or casual shoes for men, paired with a plain fitted tee, comfortable shorts, and aviator shades.

Black Jeans & White Sneakers

White sneakers are a perfect choice for monochrome purists who regularly like black jeans and fit straight into the minimalist trend sweeping men’s wear. However, despite creating a light escape from an all-black look, which can feel a little heavy during the day, they still strive for supreme simplicity.

The option is yours – high or low – for this look, but – as the minimalist name suggests – keep jackets, shirting, and coats symmetrically and remove unnecessary items (like socks). The pants should be tapered or cropped, and metallic jewelry or a beanie can help accent the outfit. However, the stark contrast between color-blocked shades and light should be the focus here, not the clutter of add-ons.

Chinos & White Sneakers

Inspired by American urban subcultures, this look requires a penchant for slouchier silhouettes. You can wear this outfit all day and all night with jogger pants in quality jersey cotton – the essential style indicator being the cuffed ankle, refining the typical gym-y lounge pants.

Embrace the relaxed urban vibe by pairing it with a sophisticated hoodie or functional raincoat, and weaving it underneath an urban tee, slightly reclined.

Skinny Jeans & White Sneakers

A key look for this season is quality denim, spurred on by Japanese selvage varieties and men’s desire for individual-looking jeans. White sneakers go very well with denim as well. Wear double denim (broken with a leather belt) to rock out like a modern Paul Newman, then roll the cuffs of some straight-fit jeans.

To achieve a chic denim look, ditch the denim jacket in favor of a top coat and collared shirt. Use chambray to align the indigos and keep the look tonal. You can also try white sneakers – again, low-cut is best.

Suit & White Sneakers

A tucked and shaped look has led to the white sneaker’s adoption by fashionable gents. With a suit or blazer, the sneaker gives a tailored outfit an effortless informal feel, perfect for nights out. 

The clean look is best achieved with tom’s official site, or look to hi-tops for a boot sneaker look. Wear socks with your suit, especially if you’re wearing other trimmings such as a tie, pocket square, and waistcoat.


When it comes to white sneakers, there are a variety of ways that you can style them for different occasions. So whether you’re looking to go out on the town and show off your latest outfit or just need some easy shoes for men to wear around the house, these five stylish ways will have you covered.