Common Factors to Look for While Getting Diesel Generators

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During power cuts or power outrages thatresultsin lost connection with power grid, the diesel generators are used for emergency supply of power. Generally used with electric generators, these are used for generating electrical energy in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Thanks to the generators because these heavy duty devices are versatile, durable and sturdy, and these machines  have become almost a staple backup asenergy producersused in houses, resorts, hotels, companies, hospitals, mining operations, construction sites, data centre backup, microgrid and disaster planning. 

As diesel is less flammable than natural gas, it is used in generators for added stability and greater energy density to energy volume ratio. The consumption rate of diesel-run generators is efficient because they burn less fuel than the natural gas generators but producesequal output.  

Things to Look for While Buying Generators Run on Diesel

Judging by the above-mentioned advantages, if you want to buy diesel generators, make sure you know about the types of generators available in the market namely power output, industrial generators, residential generators and air or water-cooled generators Once you have selected the type.

Here are The Common Things to Consider:

#1. Portability and Size: Make sure you check the space available for keeping the generator before buying one that is too bulky. As smaller sized generators come with smart control feature for the voltage management, you can be assured of low fuel consumption, longer lifespan and reduced maintenance. It can be difficult to move even a small generator without pneumatic wheel support. Always go for the generators with sturdy wheels attached to the respective slots so that transportation, especially on rugged surface becomes easy. Forklift slots and lifting eyes can also be helpful for easy towing and loading on truck.    

#2. Power Management: Generally the diesel generators with units ranging from 2.5 kVA to over 2000 kVA are used extensively and you should assess the requirement of the enterprise or house before choosing the generator. Some generators units are often stated in terms of KW where 0.8 KW is equal to 1 kVA –it is better to get in touch with the seller to understand which unite is used to express the power.

With PMS or Power Management Systems you can use a generator for any rental applications as they come with a plug-and-play (rapid and easy) design. You can optimize fuel consumption, assess generator performance in respect to load demand and start or stop the units according to increasing or decreasing load, thereby avoiding engine damage.    

#3. Control Systems: The diesel generators should have a detailed control system so that you can start and remotely program the engine. There should be the display warnings to indicate any performance issue like overheating, low fuel, overload etc. With an extensive range of analysed data, you can utilize the generator’s efficiency and understand when it needs in terms of maintenance or servicing.  

#4. Phase and Fuel Consumption: While choosing the right diesel generators, you should check whether the property has single phase or 3-phase connection and select the generator accordingly. Also, check how much fuel the generator consumes in an hour and also check per KW or kVA along with its fuel efficiency in respect to electrical load. 

#5. Noise and Emissions: Too much noise coming out of the generator is a negatice factr. Choose the diesel generator that can absorb noise easily so that there is no risk of noise pollution and pharmacy health online issues. At the same time, you should not purchasethe diesel generators that emit harmful smoke because generally the high-quality generators run clean and only have slight emission when they get old by use.  

Finally, make sure the seller offers at least two to five years of manufacturing warranty if you are getting a residential generator and at least one or two years of warranty for industrial ones. Compare the price from  at 3-4 different sellers and choose the one with features like weather-resistant panel, premium muffler and large fuel tank.  

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