SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better? Pros and Cons



If you are a content creator but unfortunately if you still have no experience in marketing and are confused with various terms like SEO or PPC, you have come to the right place. Two of the best search engine methods that are used to increase traffic and generate sales are SEO and PPC. We will explain it all in detail including its pros and cons and also about which one you can use in your business. 

What is SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization, it is a process where your websites or the webpages will be shown as the result when searched in google and Bing. If you think that you can pay some amount and get visible at the top of the search list, then it is impossible because there are algorithms in search engines that will calculate the quality as well as the relevance of your page’s content and get ranked accordingly. 

Seo’s are not always on the lower price level, therefore when you find affordable search engine optimization you will have to make use of it. They will help your website to grow steadily and slowly. 

Seo Pros n cons:

Pros in seo:

  •  Using the correct keywords for the content not only helps you to rank high in the google search but also generates steady traffic to your website.
  • When looked at in long-term aspect seo is cheaper still investing such that it can increase the traffic site. 
  • Be specific and target the specific visitors to your website; this will add up more visitors who are interested in your products or services that you render. 
  • When visitors access your website with an easy user interface and time navigation, visitors will simultaneously turn into your regular readers/customers. 
  • As your visitors grow rapidly, the sales on your website also will grow at the same time. 

Cons in seo:

  • Only if you pay, you will get traffic to your website, if you fail to pay simultaneously your traffic to the site will drop at the same time. That is the reason people will be asked to stick to the professional seo services company
  • Another disadvantage that you can clearly see on this website is that the competition that you face on your online marketing will be higher than you assume. 
  • Though you pay in seo, there will be no guarantee that you can get visitors into your site and due to this reason the rankings in your google list will be lost. 
  • After paying your investment in it you cannot expect the returns immediately since it can take a lot of time. Thus ranking in your google result is not always permanent it can change. 

What is PPC (Pay Per Click): 

PPC means pay-per-click, so when PPC ads are clicked by anyone, you will have to pay for each and every individual’s click on the PPC ads. The best PPC agency will focus on their ads to be visible according to the interest, gender, geographical location, age group, profession, and more other interests of an individual.

In recent times, if you look at your social media including Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and even in other media you can find this tool PPC. 

PPC Pros n cons:

Few of the PPC’s pros:

  • As we saw earlier in the cons of seo, it takes more time to work whereas in PPC it is faster and hence will give you immediate results. 
  • There are ‘pay per click management companies’ and agents that look over your website including what will work for you and what will not work for you. So you need not stress much about it when something does not work for you, the company will take care. 
  • In case if you want to get on the top of the result from google, then the other idea is ads. After you search on your google, most times you can see that the content with ads is the one that will be displayed at the top. 

Cons in the PPC:

  • You will have to invest money and whenever any person clicks on your ad knowingly or unknowingly whether that click made any profit for you or not still you will have to pay for it. 
  • The time you stop paying, the visibility of your website will also stop simultaneously. 

Which is best for my business

In case if you are a small business, then PPC will not work much for you since you will have to pay more but by using various strategies in the seo, the growth of your website can be increased. 

But if you are having a site that is eCommerce and competing with other eCommerce sites, then you can make use of PPC ads. 

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