Which is the best and less crowded coaching for the UPSC in Delhi?

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

When you talk about a less crowded Institute, you should also keep in mind that the institute should be worth joining as they must provide good quality classes. There is some overrated coaching where students go after old name or after advertisements but there is some Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi  who they do very less advertisement but they are very known among the students and run a limited student batch to maintain the teaching quality and to provide proper guidance to all the aspirants. Actually, this is the reason why they are the most chosen by the UPSC aspirants.

EDEN IAS is one such coaching where you can get it all. The coaching provides the best lectures for General Studies and Optional subjects. The classes are well arranged and the preparation strategy is very clear and the class crowd is very limited. Only 70 students are accommodated in every class section and they run approximately 10 such batches every year.

The student to teacher guidance session ratio is also very good, as every student get one doubt counter faculty in every two days. You can easily book a session for doubt counter at the reception and the staff member is also very helpful.

The advantages of the limited crowd are, the daily based DPP (Daily Practice Paper) which you get as a daily home work can keep you in the eyes of your teacher. As every day your written copies reaches your teacher where they check your daily based classroom progress.

These Daily Practice Papers are very helpful to track the grasping from the daily class and if you face any issues that gets reflected on the answer sheet we write on a daily basis. The questions asked in the DPP are in both the modes- Subjective (Mains Type) and Objective (Prelims Type). It is also very helpful to develop the sense of preparation for both the methods from the day one.

The books and the recommended study material are also very helpful if it can be discussed with the teachers on a regular basis, which is only possible with a less crowded coaching. There are many seniors whom I know are from old over crowded coaching. They were not comfortable during their preparation in crowded classrooms.

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Such daily based practices can’t be expected from a huge classroom crowd. And only with classes it is not possible to get on the real track of preparation needed for the UPSC Examination. Monthly tests are the final touch to the ongoing subject and a regular revision can add value to the preparation and by the end of the session you can move for the Mock Tests.

Always prefer a less crowded coaching but with good teacher and a good preparation strategy for Prelim’s mains and interview.

STEPS – Daily Mains answer writing practice course for UPSC 2022

The course covers all General studies subjects – GS I, GS II, GS III, GS IV, Essay writing & Current Affairs. This course is a 70 Days comprehensive module starting from 22nd June 2022 running till 31st August 2022 (Keeping the ideal time period to be dedicated to Mains section before Prelim’s examination 2022 scheduled on 04th Oct 2022, so that an aspirant can get a fair time to revise for the Prelims examination.)

How do we cover daily answer writing practice for UPSC Mains 2022?

EDEN IAS STEPS follows a unique pattern taking every single day of the week as a daily answer writing challenge for the IAS Mains 2022.

The Mains Answer Writing strategy is as follows: The aspirant would get 4 questions covering the areas of the syllabus on the basis of a given day and provided a part of the syllabus by the faculty. Answer writing evaluation within 75 hrs along with the best copy of the day and Model answers for self-evaluation and comparison; at the end of the week, there will be a discussion of all the GS questions by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary.

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