Where will Road Freight be 10 Years from now?

Road freight

Road freight  has changed a lot in recent years. The shortage of drivers and the need for greener and more sustainable alternatives has created a space for growth. Different Logistics companies are initiating and already said that in the upcoming years, there can be driverless transport system.

It sounds impressive, but can it indeed be possible?

What do you mean by driverless? You are thinking in a right way dear reader. Now, let me explain how it is possible in future logistic industry. There is a lot that has been set out for the future.

To help you understand the future of road freight, below, we have made a list of the prospects of road freight system after 10 years.

Emerging technology from Sweden like country

Technology has profoundly changed the way of the world. Things that we did not expect before are now becoming realities. The complete digitization of business operations and supply chain has been one of the most remarkable changes. Thus, there is a possibility of an automated future for transportation and freight, too.

Many developers and car companies have featured automated vehicles. These vehicles are game changer for the firm as well as consumers. But what we are witnessing right now is an exceedingly small part of a fully automated future.

The truck manufacturing industry is working on something like automated cars. So, it is possible that you will get to see electric vehicle technology in trucks as well. Consequently, the problem of the shortage of truck drivers will be insignificant.

An example of this will be Volvo Trucks, as they recently delivered their first all-electric trucks in Sweden. 

A sustainable future

Sustainability is another concern of the transportation industry. Since these services are required for the day-to-day operations of a firm (like; hospital, school, movers, packers, IT industry, chemical industry, food industry, liquor, education and many more), they cannot be stopped. However, to do so, trucks and other transports take up a lot of resources. As a result, the environment suffers greatly.

Thus, there is a need for the inclusion of sustainability for the future of road freight. Along with technology, sustainability should be considered too. Consequently, the resources will be used less, and the ecological balance will remain the same.

If technology is fused with sustainability, the emissions of trucks and other transports will be less. Moreover, their requirement for fuel can be limited as well. If given proper attention, there can be alternatives that can continue to provide the same services with lesser environmental damage.

Therefore, there is a need for trucks that are eco-friendly. So, they can continue to do their job without threatening the conditions of the near future.

Smarter roads and alternatives

Smarter roads can change the way road freight has been working. Smarter roads mean reserving specific lanes for truck drivers to pass through. It not only makes driving easier, but the risk of accidents decreases as well by this initiative.

Platooning as another alternative

Another alternative is truck platooning system. It refers to a group of trucks working like a train wagon. It will allow the transportation of a large bulk of goods at the same time and, safer driving. By performing like a train, the trucks will have a set path, and delays will be eliminated or prevented. Another benefit of platooning is a requirement for less fuel.

Therefore, smarter roads and other alternatives to road freight which are smarter than the previous ones can be expected. Technology has paved the way for a lot of things. So, you can expect complete digitization or a reversal of the road freight system in the future

Automated Vehicles

Moreover, you should also look out for automatic trains. Thus, there may be a reversal of road freight into rail freight. While it is argued that rail freight will be quite expensive, developers have already been working on keeping it inexpensive.

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