When to Upgrade Your Hosting From Shared To Cheap VPS Malaysia?

Cheap VPS Malaysia


When you operate a website online, you must know that there is a broad spectrum of available services when it comes to hosting. You have many solutions to pick from, but frequently they differ in regard to cost and functionality. The most common service and the widely utilized option is shared server hosting when you first establish your website.

It is one of the cheapest and simple-to-use platforms that offer sufficient benefits when you commence your online venture. Although after a while when you start to receive some attention and more visitors come to your website, it becomes imperative to upgrade.

Now some different elements could indicate the need for switching your current hosting strategy. It is most reasonable to get informed about such critical factors. As the next logical step, most users will switch their service to VPS Malaysia Hosting.

It is a wonderful option because when you encounter limitations of shared hosting, it becomes necessary to maintain a more flexible alternative for your website. In this post, we will examine both of these services in detail. Also, we will offer insight into when you should move your website from shared hosting to a Malaysia VPS server.

About Shared and VPS Malaysia Hosting

Shared server hosting

The name of this service pretty much explains its functions and advantages. Shared hosting is a type of hosting service in which a user shares the hosting platform with several other users. Not only does the infrastructure of this service get shared but also key features and resources are also commonly utilized.

This is a low-cost alternative best suited for new beginners and inexperienced individuals. If you are someone who doesn’t hold much technical expertise, a shared server works perfectly as it is quite simple to execute. Some of the features of a shared server might incorporate easy-to-use control panels and security management by your service providers. Often a shared server works fine when you have a little traffic presence.

It comes with a pre-defined set of resources and tools suggesting limits on elements such as storage, bandwidth, and others. Since you share the resources and other benefits, your website performance can get affected from time to time. That is why some users after a point begin to look for other prospects well suited for an upgrade.

VPS server hosting

A virtual server is a different kind of hosting service where you get to acquire total control. Fundamentally, a massive physical server gets divided into various little VPSs with the support of virtualization technologies. Each separate virtual server gets an isolated environment and a separate operating system. Therefore each of these servers is capable of hosting services with expandable resources. You also gain total control over your isolated server, implying you can readily scale without the worry of limitations.

Unlike a shared server, on Malaysia VPS, there is no outside influence. No other user or third party can affect your performance level. Also, dedicated resources meant for your consumption offer you better outcomes. Although it is a somewhat expensive choice when compared to shared hosting, regardless it delivers great benefits. When you select a Cheap Malaysia VPS server for your hosting needs you are essentially selecting a small dedicated server at a lower cost. VPS hosting is a favored pick for small to mid-sized businesses with a moderate range of traffic. It offers prominent protection and expandability that assists you to effortlessly grow.

Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting in Malaysia

There are various techniques to evaluate the primary difference between the two options. The most particular option is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, like:

Shared hosting benefits

  • It is quite inexpensive to purchase shared server hosting. Since expenses get divided among several users, you will have to a small portion of the cost to pay. This benefit is extremely helpful for someone working on a tight budget.
  • As we mentioned earlier, a shared server is incredibly easy to utilize. You should possess a certain amount of technical knowledge to host a site. But with shared server user-friendly control panels, this requirement is avoidable. Also, all your necessary tasks regarding managing the server’s security will get handled by the service provider expert team.
  • Regular maintenance gets incorporated into your hosting plan when you select a shared server. Therefore, selecting a reputable provider regarding web hosting solutions gets extremely crucial.

Shared hosting drawbacks

  • While its expenses are low, the performance and speed offered on shared hosting are not often up to the mark. Since it operates on a shared arrangement, typically all your resources get shared as well. Therefore your website can perform slowly when there are an extensive number of active users present.
  • You do not acquire any authority over your resources or platform. A shared hosting server limits your power and control when it comes to the server’s resources.
  • A service provider will take care of protection and networks, however, other critical elements get restrained on shared hosting. Functions such as expanding your components, adding more apps or software, and scaling your bandwidth get limited. That is why most users after a point of success begin researching applicable solutions for suitable upgrades.

VPS hosting benefits

  • A VPS Malaysia server functions effectively for your website. Since there are no outside influences, you earn full consumption of resources. Also with the great level of isolation, your website can perform at a high-speed rate.
  • When it comes to security, cheap VPS hosting in Malaysia delivers robust solutions. Typically, most service providers offer advanced measures to secure your website against online risks. You will get DDoS prevention and firewalls to safeguard your platform.
  • Cheap Malaysia VPS hosting is regarded to be among the most adaptable and flexible choices. With complete control over the entire setup, you get to expand your resources as per your demands. With a high traffic ratio, you can smoothly boost bandwidth and storage to accommodate high demand.
  • When you select or move to a VPS framework, you will soon discover it can get configured as per your directives. Before purchasing a plan, you can add or remove resources, features, and tools based on your preference. It is an ideal alternative when you want effortless personalization of your hosting layout.

VPS hosting drawbacks

  • When you compare its expenses to shared hosting, you will uncover it to be somewhat expensive. However, when you make that same comparison to a highly advanced dedicated server, a VPS Malaysia hosting solution is less expensive but presents similar benefits.
  • It will require you to know a minimal level of technical knowledge. Since it is a slightly more advanced choice than a shared server, operating it for your website demands some technical skills.

The majority of new website owners will initially find a shared hosting service adequate. It is easily affordable, simple to set up, and will present straightforward access to acceptable resources. Though after a while when your reach grows and traffic rises, a VPS hosting server will stand as the perfect next choice. With remarkable control and expandable resources, you get high benefits that can heighten your performance levels.

How to migrate the website from shared to VPS

Step 1: Download your files and folders before you migrate

The practical way to commence the process of migrating your website to a cheap VPS server in Malaysia begins with this. You must create a reliable backup of your website database regardless of your website type and framework. It could get done by accessing your control panel. The two common choices of control panels are:

  • Plesk
  • Cpanel

With the assistance and easy management of Cpanel, you get the possibility of simply downloading and creating a database backup. You can afterward upload your files to your new virtual server without any difficulties. A Cpanel delivers the services of the backup wizard for an efficient backup solution. There’s another approach available though if you prefer to physically transfer data. By logging into phpMyAdmin, you can execute this mission. For instance:

  • First, locate phpMyAdmin in your Cpanel
  • Now select database under the functions menu.

Here you can readily select the database that houses and collects information on your website. After choosing the database you can export this into a SQL file. All your essential information including the website’s plugins, uploads, etc will get downloaded.

The users of shared hosting likewise for manual download have another prospect. By using an (S)FTP you can access and download any file. Once you have all the essential data meant for your new website you have to open site manager. Next fill out the needed details such as:

  • Name of your recently established website
  • Enter your domain name
  • For SFTP the standard port is 22. We advise you to leave it blank.
  • For protocol choice, select one of the available options. You get SSH file transfer protocol or termed SFTP. Or a standard FTP. Whichever selection you pick, you must check the encryption box.
  • When asked about logon- pick normal
  • Enter your Cpanel username
  • Enter your Cpanel password

Now to transfer your files, click on connect.

Step 2: Integrate and add downloaded files to your VPS

After you have downloaded your website’s database the next phase is to integrate it into the VPS server. To initiate this process enter phpMyAdmin with the assistance of your control panel. Select the choice of import and then click new database. When asked to submit the file, select the downloaded SQL file and hit the option of going.

Step 3: Include your Internet protocol address in your VPS.

After the completion of step 2, you have already completed the heavy job. Now, all it gets left is to go to your DNS provider and change the IP addresses. Typically you can likewise accomplish this by contacting your service provider that issued your new domain.

Once you get a VPS Malaysia server you will also receive a unique IP address, indicating all your essential resources are yours to maintain.

Congrats, you have completed the procedure of migrating to a Virtual private server effectively. You could now take advantage of a hosting option that is far more sophisticated.

When to Migrate Your Website Hosting From Shared To VPS Malaysia?

1. When your website begins to perform poorly

It is a clear indication you need to switch when your website is performing at a sluggish pace. Several factors can generate slow performance such as high traffic, low resource viability, and features. You stand to lose profit-generating means and growth when your website isn’t performing adequately. Also, search engines commonly favor websites that offer high-speed functionality, which is why it becomes critical to migrate. A VPS hosting server in Malaysia eliminates any issues related to slow performance. With high bandwidth and expandable resources, you can easily boost website functions to a higher speed.

2. High exposure

Often when you introduce a marketing campaign or sale on your website, there is a strong possibility of sudden high exposure. Generally, when you work on a shared server, you get a limited amount of bandwidth to handle minimal traffic. However, when there are a large number of visitors requesting your website, your allotted bandwidth will get consumed at a rapid speed. That is why Cheap VPS hosting in Malaysia stands out as a perfect option for a suitable upgrade. You can easily raise your bandwidth and manage a heavy workload within its delivered framework.

3. Poor security

Commonly, most users of shared servers repeatedly complain about low standards of protection. When you purchase a shared server the security measures remain under your service provider’s control. However, since it functions on shared infrastructure, you get influenced and affected by others users. Your security gets threatened if someone else performs illegal activities on their websites. Website owners who maintain sensitive information of clients need a secure solution. A VPS hosting server in Malaysia will present full control over your protection measures. You can add or remove any software firewalls as per your liking. Also since it functions in isolated environments, outside users won’t influence your website in any capacity.

4. Need for expansion

With a Malaysia VPS hosting server, you get the benefit to expand along with your website. Essentially you can never predict the exact moment of development for your business. That is why often a shared server gets avoided as it limits your growth possibility. With VPS hosting in Malaysia, you can get SSD storage and massive bandwidth. Both of these attributes help you expand beyond your reach and deliver high results.


In this article, you come to know that shared hosting infrastructure work fine when you launch your first website. It delivers cheap expenses and sufficient tools for establishing an online presence. However, the necessity for an upgrade soon arrives with your growth and expanding reach. Your hosting strategy needs to present effective and adaptable benefits to accommodate expansion.

Therefore, A VPS Malaysia is an ideal match to fulfill your requirements. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these choices have been discussed in this article. We suggest that upgrading to a VPS server is the logical and beneficial measure every website owner must take for better outcomes.

Later for migrating your website from a shared server to VPS, we highlighted key steps that will help you effectively move. Overall the option for moving and transferring your website over to VPS will uphold your website functionality. It will also offer valuable outcomes needed for development and growth.