‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’ This famous quote embodies the importance of primary education. The school lays a firm foundation for your child, setting the tone for their educational future. Therefore, you need to enrol your child into the best primary school in Pune. But when is it appropriate to enrol your child into a primary school? Here are key factors you should consider before your child joins a primary school in Pune.


Compared to pre-primary, primary education is more intense and demanding. Students learn new concepts and are assessed in various languages. Therefore, you need to make sure your child is ready for all these changes. 

primary school in Pune

The average admission age for any primary school in Pune is five years. At this age, students can understand the school structure, communicate and listen to instructions. Additionally, they can communicate their needs to you when they have problems at school.


 A school’s curriculum is essential because it determines the trajectory of your child’s education. Your child needs a curriculum that will facilitate entry into high-quality O-level, A-level, and university institutions. Many local and international schools in Pune apply the CBSE curriculum for various reasons.

  • It is the standard curriculum in India.
  • It promotes physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive learning.
  • Various international universities recognise it.
  • It features regular assessment tests that prepare students for worldwide CBSE board exams.
  • It covers primary, secondary, and high school education. Your child won’t have to switch to a different curriculum in secondary school unless they want to.

The reasons are vast, but keep in mind that it isn’t the only curriculum in Pune.

Holistic learning

Primary education lays the foundation for future studies. Students develop habits and learn about discipline from an early age. Therefore, as you find a school for your child, remember to consider the institution’s commitment to holistic learning. 

A reliable school not only imparts knowledge but also grooms students into confident, hardworking and independent adults. For example, international schools in Pune, such as GIIS, invest in modern sporting and class amenities to encourage all-round development. If you have been to GIIS, you can attest to that. Every part of the school, such as the labs, sports amenities, libraries, and classrooms, is designed to nurture all-round students.


Holistic learning brings you to the next factor; adequate resources. In 2021, no student should be struggling to access school resources. The primary school you select needs to have enough resources for all students. From teachers, labs, sports amenities, and library books, to name a few, students should be able to access all these things with ease.

The simplest way to determine access to resources is to check out the class sizes. The larger the class size, the harder it is to access resources.

Student-centred learning

Last but not least, find a primary school that focuses on your child’s development. What does that mean? The learning process should be about what the student wants. The school allows students to decide what and how they want to learn under the teacher’s guidance. The teacher doesn’t instruct but guides and monitors progress. That develops critical thinking and a love for learning.

Teacher qualifications

Whether your child is joining Grade 1 or Grade 10, they need to receive guidance from skilled professionals. Select a primary school that invests in the teaching fraternity. If you must, don’t be shy to ask about qualifications, a transparent institution will give you solid answers. 

Hopefully, you’re not over GIIS examples because here’s another one. The school takes great pride in the faculty members and invests large sums of money in training. The teachers undergo detailed interviews and training to ensure they keep up with modern teaching trends. There you have! Five things you should consider before enrolling your child into a primary school. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision before enrolling your child in a primary school in Pune.

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