8 reasons to use WhatsApp in your business


WhatsApp is one of the platforms that have revolutionized communications with instant messaging and video and audio exchange functions, but this is not only functional for people, but now it has become useful for all companies, which at Through this service they can get much closer to their customers and offer first-hand information, in addition to promoting offers and even closing sales.1. Customer service and loyalty

1. Customer service and loyalty

Currently, WhatsApp in your business has more than one billion users, being the favorite free instant messaging application. As a company, this is a service channel that is becoming more important due to the proximity and immediacy that we can offer to our clients, to whom we can also offer mobile promotions and provide a fast service. Also, you can share information about the latest offers, discount coupons and offer loyal customers special offers through WhatsApp.

2. Direct marketing

While emails or SMSs are a way to reach our customers, they are often ignored or become spam, but with WhatsApp this does not happen, as it offers a powerful platform to connect with potential customers and maximize conversion rates. by taking advantage of the cell phon

3. The power of groups

WhatsApp in your business allows you to create whatsapp groups of a maximum of 256 members. With this function you can form a collective chat so that all members can interact. These groups are ideal for situations in which not only the interaction with your audience is important.
But when clients themselves can help each other solve problems and address issues of common concern, it pays off for everyone. Be careful not to bore your audience. I know people who are terrified of WhatsApp groups, precisely because they cannot bear the content of the messages they receive, whether in the group of friends, work, neighbors or family …
Groups are very useful for sharing information about customers with similar profiles, needs or inclinations.

4. Strengthen the communication strategy

An innovative way is to use WhatsApp for internal team communications. Through this tool, the sales force and marketing teams can be managed in a simple and profitable way. Communication is instantaneous and groups can be formed to interact, discuss issues and share customer updates, regardless of geographic location.

5. Management of “labels” to classify our clients

Monitoring our clients’ cases is a priority to generate and achieve their satisfaction, therefore it is important to attend to them and close each case, for this, the tool offers us “labels” to classify each conversation, in addition to assignment option, to hold each person responsible for our business in each case.

6. Brand Management

Some companies, especially small ones, do not usually have large budgets for brand promotion and online marketing. It is then that WhatsApp in your business becomes the means to achieve an effective user experience and contribute to maintaining contact with customers according to their preferences.
Through simple interactive messages and surveys, you can keep track of what is working in your marketing campaign and what is not.

7. Contents with links for Landing Pages

Producing quality content marketing is a priority for any entrepreneur who works on digital platforms. In the end, the goal is always conversion . Either convert a lead or have the customer make the purchase. The highest conversion rates in digital marketing have to do with the landing pages of the strategy.
Landing page is a conversion page, also called a landing page, landing page, or entry page. By using direct and objective language, it aims to guide the user to take an action on your site or blog. I do not know if it is the best method that exists to convert customers and leads, but it is the best method that I know.
It is difficult to be successful in digital marketing, without understanding what a landing page is and using it in favor of your strategy. One of the ways to do WhatsApp in your business Marketing is by sending links to your pages, informing your audience of the benefits that they will obtain if they click on them. Whether it is the download of an e-book or any other content of value to your audience.

  • 8. Satisfaction surveyLet’s think together about you and me. If you have an agile and easy way to communicate with your all clients either with whatsapp groups or individually. A list of telephones of all the clients (people interested in receiving your messages). Why not use this tool as a thermometer to measure satisfaction and know the opinion of your customers? Ask the public if they like the service you provide, if you need to improve something. Receive criticism and ask for suggestions. Do not settle or wait to reach the point of dissatisfaction of your client and that he says what he expects of you and your company.Go ahead and use WhatsApp Marketing to find solutions before the problems are bigger than they are.

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