Kareo EHR

The industry of medical softwares is consistently booming, with new systems being introduced frequently. However, not all of these programs will improve your practice’s clinical and financial efficiency. One software that won’t let you down is Kareo EHR. In this review, we discuss all the factors that may convince you to invest in this award-winning system. 

Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR – Company Introduction 

Founded in 2004. Kareo EHR has been developed in collaboration with practitioners to free them from unproductive tasks. The EMR software has won 30 plus awards for its advanced healthcare solutions. Its services range from EHR to telehealth to billing and much more. Currently,  more than 75,000 providers are benefitting from Kareo’s unique tools. 

Top Features of Kareo EHR 

Cloud-based solutions 

Kareo Clinical is hosted on the cloud. This means that the EMR software can be accessed from any location that connects to the internet. Similarly, users can operate the system with any device (computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, etc.) connected to the world wide web. 

With Kareo, you don’t have to wait eons for it to get installed. In fact, no installation is required. Users are required to log in to the system, provide basic information, and then they are good to go. 

Advanced dashboard 

Just by looking at the dashboard, users can have a quick glance at all important and pending activities. The intuitive dashboard highlights task lists that need to be completed. These lists can be viewed by multiple staff members to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

The flexible calendar highlights all scheduled appointments in an appealing yet effective way. Additionally, an agenda overview shows all outstanding actives that require immediate attention for closure. 

Impressive marketing tools 

With Kareo EHR advanced marketing features, your practice becomes the talk of the town. The medical software creates a more substantial online presence for your facility, so you reach out to more and more potential clients. The Online Directory Manager (ODM) tool syncs your current location on multiple healthcare websites, search engines, and mobile apps. The latter ensures that no contradicting information is displayed to future users. 

Kareo Clinical enables its clients to create a powerful online presence. The content appearing on the website can be tweaked for better results. Positive reviews and testimonials can be incorporated to give potential clients the confidence to commit.  

Increased patient convenience 

The satisfaction of patients is the core responsibility of each medical practice, irrespective of its size. With Kareo Clinical, patients can schedule appointments online from their smartphones. Once a consultation is booked, automated text, email, and phone reminders are sent to patients so that they reach on time. 

Waiting times before appointments are reduced as patients can fill intake forms before reaching to the healthcare facility. Updating patient information directly on the portal creates a paperless environment. 

Secure virtual visits 

The telehealth feature of Kareo EHR enables doctors to provide virtual consultations to patients, no matter where they may be located. This tool is integrated with the EHR software, so no additional installations are required from both practitioners and patients. These virtual visits are HIPAA compliant. The latter ensures that interactions and communications are safe and sensitive information is not be lost to hackers in security breaches. 

Cost of Kareo

As compared to its counterparts and the advanced solutions offered, Kareo EHR is priced reasonably. The starting price is $160 per month per provider. A free trial can help convince potential clients to invest in this EMR system. The Kareo Democan be requested through its website. 

Kareo EHR as per its Clients’ Experiences 


  • Kareo features an easy-to-use interface, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The layout is not only functional but appealing to the eyes as well. 
  • There are multiple ways information is received to maximize the potential from this software. The success coach consistently monitors performance, and video tutorials are informative. 
  • Customer support is excellent and provides timely assistance against queries. 


  • It may sometimes be challenging to navigate through the software to find your desired information. 
  • The fee to transfer data is high, and many individual practitioners and small practices may be unable to afford it. 
  • There are fewer customizable features as compared to Kareo’s counterparts. 

Is Kareo EHR the Right Choice for my Practice?

Kareo EHRis an intelligent software that hosts multiple advanced solutions. It is reasonably priced and has managed to build a loyal customer base. So, is Kareo EHR the right choice for your practice? Only you can answer that! Before committing to the system, we suggest enlisting your requirements from an EMR and trying out the Kareo Demo.

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