What is WordPress and How to Learn


With the increase in the scope of blogging, the use of WordPress has started increasing a lot nowadays, so everyone should know about what WordPress is and how to create a website. If we make a website with HTML and CSS, then we will take a lot of time and for that, we should also know coding.

But we can create a website without code in WordPress. WordPress is a content management system, which means it maintains digital content like – text, colour, font, image, etc. for free.

How to make a blog on WordPress

Any person who does not have technical knowledge or who does not know coding at all, he can also create a blog or website on WordPress in a very simple way, let’s know-how?

Working on WordPress is no longer a difficult task, just like we edit an image or video in mobile, in the same way, we can create a blog by editing in WordPress. ( WordPress course in Rohini ) Do many people ask how to create a blog in WordPress? So I want to tell them that we can create a blog in both English and English languages, first, we have to download WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress which is better

If you are going to start a blog, then you should know that we can create a blog in two ways, first, we are bloggers and secondly, you have never written a blog by WordPress, then you should start with a blogger where it is free. You can create a blog in which you do not need to buy any domain and hosting.


If we talk about WordPress, here we can work only after buying a domain, hosting which is not free, blogger gives you the theme for free but here you can customise the website more i.e. use more things and not change them. Because the blogger is a product of Google.

WordPress also provides you themes for free, where you can customise things and do anything you want, along with it providing many plugins. If you want to start a blog then you should first learn to make a blog on blogger, if you want to become a professional blogger then you can start by buying a domain and hosting on WordPress.

On wordpress.org, we create a whole blog, we use wordpress.com for a demo like – someone wants to show our portfolio, blog, or website but cannot create a professional website here.

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Sometimes you must have heard that a professional blogger should always make a website on WordPress, the professional blog is the blog from which we earn money. But whether to make a blog on worpress.com or on wordpress.org, remains a question in our mind, let’s know the difference between the two 

In wordpress.com, we can create a website for free and domain and hosting are also available for free, we cannot do everything according to our wish, we cannot use it professionally, that is, to earn money, use it to create a portfolio, demo website. And you cannot buy your own domain and host it.

In wordpress.org we can create a professional website and earn money from a blog, for which we have to buy a domain and hosting, without that we cannot work, you should use .org for professional bloggers.

In .org, we have to spend money on the domain, hosting and the theme is also available for free, if you want to buy the theme separately, then the cost of the domain, hosting, and the theme will be 4 to 5 thousand for at least 1 year.

In .com, like us, we use the theme plugin according to the limit, if you need anything more than this, then you will have to buy which is very expensive.

You should initially learn how to create and use a blog in wordpress.com for a few days, after that you should buy a domain and host, now you must have understood that the process of creating a website in worpress.com and wordpress.org is the same, the only difference is in one you can work for free and have to spend money in others.

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How to earn money from WordPress and blog

Have you ever thought that we can earn millions of rupees every month by creating a blog on WordPress, yes it is absolutely true and most bloggers are making money by creating a blog, if you also want to earn money online by creating a blog, then first of all by creating your account on wordpress.org start writing a blog in it

You can make a blog like this, if you want to write about WhatsApp, then first of all you should do keyword research related to the topic, write an article of 1000 to 2000 words on it in which you use an image, video, pdf file. After writing 25 to 30 articles, apply for Google Adsense from it.

After applying, you can place ads in your blog, so that if a person clicks on the ads, then you get money, the more people who come to your blog, the more you will earn, if you write an article on any one topic, then people will come to your blog. The chance goes after that as the computer is a topic, we can write about things like keyboard, mouse, laptop, CPU, etc.

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