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Also known as “letterman” coats – for evident reasons – varsity jackets go back to the Thirties and have consistently been related to American jock culture. The chenille letters were generally the initials of the school being referred to and were worn to address a specific degree of wearing accomplishment. This training can be followed back to 1865 when jackets and sweaters bearing the letter ‘H’ were first granted to Harvard University’s school ball club. It has stayed a custom from that point onward. The body of the coat is typically made using melton wool with differentiating cowhide sleeves and a ribbed collar, sleeves, and hem. 

The varsity is generally confused for some other jacket styles, especially the bomber jacket and the souvenir jacket. This is because it sharing a collarless plan and elasticated hem. In any case, the varsity jacket varies from the other two in that it has a catch-through front rather than a zip, for the most part, includes at least two differentiating colours, and is customarily comprised of a wool body with leather sleeves. 

How To Wear A Varsity Jacket? 

Men’s varsity jackets have gotten so well known however out the years, to the point they even have their style clans. Here is a couple to ideally get you on the varsity trend and discover one that suits you. 

That carries us to our next point. One thing that appears to place a lot of men off-putting resources into a varsity jacket is how precarious it tends to be to style in a manner that doesn’t leave you resembling an extra from American Pie. 

Above all else, the fit is critical with regards to making a varsity jacket look great. It ought to be thin while leaving sufficient space under for a hoodie or crew neck, and the stitch ought to sit no higher than the hips – another detail that separates it from its trimmed cousin, the bomber jacket. 

Preppy Mens Letterman Jacket Look

Got team spirit? Even if you don’t, the preppy look is a classic option for styling varsity jackets as it plays on their origins in US colleges. How preppy you decide to go is up to you but here are the best letterman designs for the look. Go for a jacket that plays up the varsity jackets unique points; the leather sleeves, contrasting cuffs, collar, and waistband, and, of course, choose one with a letter. Stick with the classic cotton body and avoid monotone jackets. Instead, try a bright colour that’s more reminiscent of college colours and will stand out against the white leather sleeves.

Complete the look with a pair of classic chinos, or if you’re feeling preppy, why not try a coloured or patterned trouser. This is easiest to pair with a navy varsity jacket because the navy’s a very tonal colour. If you go with brightly coloured trousers choose a simple subtle top; a white shirt will keep the look crisp and preppy. Polo’s and plaid shirts will help you get the preppy look, plus you can layer up in winter with a thick woollen cardigan.

Sporty Varsity Jacket Look

The sporty look is what the varsity jacket does best; it’s a great and very easy way to add a sporty, yet casual vibe to your outfit. A classic letterman jacket with all the key elements is one of the most wanted varsity jackets available. With a strong silhouette and choice of two colours, this jacket works well even if you don’t play any sports! You’ve just now got to figure out what to wear it with.

Like varsity jackets, joggers started as just sportswear but now have a firm place in men’s street-style; making them the perfect combo. Joggers will keep the outfit casual and naturally have an ease about them that will make you look like you were born with style and just threw the outfit together. Dark or light joggers will work, but keep them simple and avoid bold patterns. Publish and Champion have a great selection to choose from.

To keep the look sporty, stick to basic T-shirts or wear a casual sweatshirt. If you’ve gone for a brightly coloured letterman, keep your top simple and go for a darker colour that will balance out against the jacket. You can wear any colour top with dark joggers, but if you’re wearing light-coloured tracksuits go for a darker top or try a T-shirt with a pattern. Finish the look with some trainers or plimsolls.

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