Know more about Islamic clothing: Thobes

islamic clothing thobes

What is Thobe?

The word thobe refers to ‘garment’. It is a plain dress that is long till ankles covering up the whole body and just looks like ‘robe’. Thobe is made up of different materials that can be cotton or sheep’s wool depending on the requirements of the current season. And it presents the ‘Arab culture’ because Arabs love to wear a mens thobes in their special ceremonies and casually too. The thobe’s first half is stitched like a ‘shirt’ and remaining is fitted loosely going down to the ankle.

Different styles of thobe:

Styles of thobes can differ slightly. It depends on how the person wants to feel and look like.

  • Collars of the thobe can be stiffened less or more according to the choice.
  • Sleeves can be with larger or smaller cuffs.
  • Thobes can be worn without or with cufflinks.
  • Omani and Emirati thobe usually do not have collars.
  • Omani usually wears a colorful thobe.
  • Kuwaiti wear thobe usually with a one-button collar.
  • Bahraini thobe maybe with a very loose-fitting and soft collar.
  • Saudi thobe are not loose fitted instead they are quite fitted. Thobe is stitched with two-button collar and cufflinks.

Colors of thobe:

In the beginning, the thobe was available in only white color. As white color is considered as the ‘coolest’ or ‘calmest’ color especially when worn in desert hot areas. But now, the thobe is available in a different color depending on the individual’s choice.

Arab wears it with attitude:

When we see Arabs wearing thobes in international conferences or ceremonies, it is clear that they feel proud of wearing the thobe. They love their culture and indicates it to the world beautifully. They never feel that they should wear something else while attending other countries’ gatherings.

Islamic values and role of thobe:

‘Thobe’ also presents the Islamic values and culture. Let us see how?

Allah Subhanhu Watalla has mentioned in the Holy Quran:

“Men should lower their gaze and guard their modesty, that will make for greater purity for them” (Al Quran 4:30)

Through hadith of the holy prophet (peace be upon Him), we came to know that the dress that covers the whole body and maintains the standard of modesty is loved by Allah Almighty and holy Prophet too. Thobe does not leave any part of the body to uncover and also looks beautiful.

Thobe in other countries:

Not only in Arabs, but people also love to wear a thobe in other countries like UK, Qatar, and Kuwait, etc. other country’s people also wear their thobe while going for Friday prayer, funerals, restaurants, special occasions, and cafes. Thobe is that wearing style that never goes out of fashion trends.

How wearing a thobe make you feel?

  • Thobe makes you feel comfortable and easy to carry.
  • It will make you look fashionable and stylish.
  • It will make you modest and people will also give great respect because of the sense of the modesty.
  • You can easily communicate with people and it will never discomfort you while enjoying the ceremonies.

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