What is the clarity of gemstones?


One of the components when evaluating a gemstone, gem, is purity. There are various scales and systems for evaluating the purity of gemstones. I will give as an example the one that is most often used in Europe and America. And now with this scale for assessing purity is well known in Russia – “Scale for assessing the quality of diamonds.” It can also be used when assessing the purity of other precious stones, gems.

Stone clarity FL. A stone of impeccable purity, absolutely perfect. Complete absence of inclusions and external defects (chips, cracks, dimples), which can be seen at tenfold magnification.

The clarity of the IF stone. A stone in which no inclusions are visible when viewed through a magnifying glass with ten times magnification. However, the stone may have minor, subtle external defects – (chips, cracks, dimples). Often, such errors can be eliminated by additional polishing of the stone.

Stone clarity VVS1

This designation indicates that there are minor inclusions in the stone, which are very, very difficult to detect using a ten-fold magnifying glass.

Stone clarity VVS2

A stone with minor inclusions that are very difficult to see with a 10x magnifying glass.

Stone clarity VS1

The stone contains minor inclusions that are difficult to see at 10x magnification.

Stone Clarity VS2

There are minor inclusions in the stone, which can be seen almost without difficulty at tenfold magnification.

Stone clarity Si1

The inclusions are easily visible at 10x magnification.

Stone clarity Si2

A stone in which there are inclusions are very easily visible at ten times magnification.

Stone clarity I1

A stone with such a characteristic of purity has inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye. At the same time, the appearance of the gemstone deteriorates.

Stone clarity I2

Inclusions that are easily distinguishable with the naked eye. In this case, the appearance of the gem will deteriorate greatly.

Stone clarity I3

Inclusions that are very easily distinguishable with the naked eye. With this degree of inclusions, the stone becomes quite fragile, subject to physical stress. The strength of the stone decreases. The appearance suffers greatly. The price of the stone should be kept to a minimum.

However, using this table, the clarity of all stones cannot be judged equally. What do I mean by that?!

There are categories of gems that are found in nature more often in the form of pure crystals. For example, topaz, amethyst, quartz, beryl. For such stones, clarity – VVS is a good indicator of quality, Si2 is not a good one. In turn, emerald, Paraiba tourmaline, apatite, ruby ​​(untreated) with Si1 purity are very decent examples. And for them purity is Si1, which is quite a decent indicator. And purity is VVS, generally the ultimate dream.

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