What Are Some Interesting Facts About Playground Equipment?

about playground equipment

Playground is the space where kids can unleash their curiosity along with enjoying their play time. When children have quality play time, it helps them with benefits like coordination, improved motor skills, cognitive abilities, social awareness, communication, language, etc. It is very important that the Playground Equipment are designed with accordingly. In this, read, you will find some interesting facts about how the Outdoor Playground Equipment help in the overall development of kids.

Does playground equipment help in kids’ development?

The early years of kids’ life are very important as they create a base for their overall development. Thus, the playground equipment help them in numerous ways. They can improve on various aspects like coordination, muscle strength, social awareness, communication skills, and a lot more. The play activities also help in ensuring a healthy mind and attitude. What do you understand by child development?

What do you understand by child development?

As professionals state that the child development is a series of biological, psychological, and emotional changes that a kid goes through since birth to the onset of adolescence. In this course, the kids from being only dependent on parents, become independent through learning. The development does not stop here. This is a continuous process and has predictable milestones. The development is thus, calculated on these milestones. But, keep in mind, there is no hard and fast rule as every kid is unique and special in their own way.

Why is child development important?

As discussed earlier about the stage of development, the kids are analyzed on the basis of intelligence, social behavior, personality, and capacity to learn. The play a crucial role in the development by helping in improving motor skills, fitness, and activities that encourage healthy mind and attitude.

What are the benefits of the child development?

Physical Health –

As one of the studies, carried out by Sport England, states that out of three children one kid is involved in only 30 minutes of physical activity in a day, which as per the guidelines is half the amount. As a result, the schools have been encouraged to involve kids in physical activities as much as possible.

The kids are inherently active. The only need is to channelize their energy to improve fitness and also build encouraging associations. Every year, when studies are carried out in various countries, it is seen kids are becoming more incline to screen time and less active. Playground equipment come in play as they are available in various attractive colors and activities that attract kids and help them engage in physical activities. Some playgrounds also have Open gym equipment installed that are ideal for light exercising required by kids for a healthy lifestyle.

Develop Skills –

Activities at playground help kids with a whole range of skills. For instance, if a kid is playing on climbing structures, it helps them in building fine and gross motor skills. Along with improving coordination and balance. As they move across climbing the structure, kids will develop spatial awareness and also judge the equipment.

Similarly, the swings as they move back and forth, help in boosting development in terms of consciousness. The kid also becomes aware of its grip strength and coordinated leg movement to accelerate or slow down the swing.  Every equipment at the playground is in one or the other way involved in the development of the skills in kids.

Mental Heath –

There are various studies carried out in regard for the health of the kids. The latest one states that kids aged between 5 years to 15 years have mental health disorder. The rise in the number, every year puts great emphasis on preventing the situation and thus, stop development of later problems. The schools should have proper play time for kids as it would help them to communicate with their friends and enjoy quality time unleashing their curiosity to learn.

The screen time has stolen the charm of playgrounds and have also put a negative impact on the metal development of kids. Kids find using digital devices more convenient than hitting to playground to spend their time. Thus, the outdoor playground equipment are designed in attractive colors, designs and patterns that not only attract kids but also add up to their imagination level.