What are the Common Windows 10 Issues and How to Fix them?

Windows 10 Issues

Are you on Windows 10 for quite some time? If you’ve upgraded your Windows experience to the latest version, you are getting the latest software from Microsoft. Windows 10 is cutting edge operating system that has improved a lot since its inception. But sometimes it is bogged down with a few problems that are not in your control.

Today we are going to look at the most common problems in Windows 10 and how to solve them.

Let’s get started.

Windows 10 Installation is terminated with a message

When installing a new copy of Windows 10 on your system, sometimes the installer will terminate the process and display the message ‘Something Happened’. Usually, this occurs when you are trying to install the windows through an ISO file. To get rid of this problem you need to use the Media creation tool from Microsoft. The tool will help in installing a clean Windows 10 with ease. 

People who don’t know how to install Windows 10 should log on to the official website and look at the procedure.

Clipboard issues in the current version of Windows 10

People often face this type of problem when people aren’t able to copy in Windows 10 using the CTRL+C. If you are the one facing this problem, there is no immediate solution to this kind of problem. The best way to avoid this is by continuously pressing the key again and again. Or you can use the right-click menu to copy the text.

Slow PC boot speed

The slow boot speed can be caused by a number of reasons. The first thing you should check is the window updated to the latest version and scan for malware within the system. You can check for malware with Windows defender, open it and scan the entire system for malware and viruses. Hopefully, your system boot speed will be increased after these measures.

Notifications problem

Sometimes windows shoot too many notifications and the action center in windows 10 keeps you busy. It is a great tool to be updated about everything that is happening in the system but too many messages can annoy anyone. You can go to the system settings and then choose Notifications and Actions. Now, you can toggle the switch to control the notification settings. You can shut them down permanently or shut them down for particular apps.

System restore not working

The system restore settings in Windows 10 is turned off by default and you have to find it. You need to use the following steps to turn on the system restore on Windows 10.

  • Open System Restore by typing it in the search box from the Start menu.
  • You need to select the ‘Create a Restore point’ option.
  • In the properties, click on the System protection tab and make sure that the C: drive is your default.
  • Now, you have to click on the radio button to turn on the system protection.

If you are not able to create a system restore for your PC, use the articles from the Microsoft help desk. You will find all the related resources from there.

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