What Does a Bedroom Set Include?

Bedroom Set

The options for furniture are broad, and these options make buyers quite confused. Bedroom sets appear to come in a wide range of forms and sizes, which may make purchasing feel overwhelming. So, what does a bedroom set include? Or Which one are you looking for? Thus, to answer such questions, we’ve done the legwork for you and it will detail what’s included in a standard bedroom set.

5-piece sets, 6-piece sets, and 7-piece bed sets are among the many types of bedroom furniture collections available. One or more of the following items are commonly seen in bedroom sets:

• Bed (kind, Queen, Single)

• Nightstands

• Dresser with/without Dresser mirror

• Drawers

• Wardrobe or Almirah

Bedroom Set

Although each of these items may be found in bed sets, the exact mix is determined by the number of components you want in the set. As you continue reading, you will learn more about bedroom furniture and what each numbered set comprises. As well as hints to help you make sense of your shopping experience. Continue reading!

Understand Your Furniture

Knowing what each piece of furniture is and how it is used is a crucial part of purchasing a bedroom set. Taming oneself in this area can assist you in determining which set is appropriate for your requirements.


A bedroom set’s most significant component is the bed. It will inevitably be the center point of the bedroom since it is the largest piece of furniture. The bed has subsequent styles including single bed design, twin, double, queen, or king. Moreover, the bed set might sometimes relate to the frame or foundation of the bed, which will support the mattress. A set, on the other hand, will usually contain the bed rail, headboard, and, in some cases, a footboard.


A nightstand is a fantastic piece of furniture to have in your bed. Typically, nightstands have cabinets that bring extra storage to all the pile-up bedside stuff. 


Dressers are one of the low-lying furniture items that include 6 to 8 drawers typically use to store folded clothing. Since they originated from the old-fashioned dressing table, they often feature a mirror hung above or attached to them, however, this is not always the case.

Mirror on the Dresser

As previously said, it is usual to place a mirror on top of a dresser. Because the mirror is both ornamental and functional. Hence, it is generally coming in the bedroom sets that contain a dresser.

Chest’s Drawers 

A chest of drawers resembles a dresser and performs many of the same functions as a dresser. It does, though, generally have a higher, more vertical shape and is devoid of the dresser’s mirror.

Wardrobe Or Armoire

When referring to a standalone closet, the terms armoire and wardrobe are interchangeable. Drawers may or may not be present in an armoire or wardrobe. However, they all have one thing in common: they will always have enough room for hanging clothing.

Different types of bedroom sets:

Bedroom Set (5 Pieces)

One of the most popular furniture sets is a 5-piece bedroom set. Moreover, it can be purchased in most stores and online merchants. Typically, this package will include:

• Bed (single bed design, king or queen), which generally has a headboard.

• 2 nightstand/bedside tables

• A dressing tables

• A mirror on the dresser

Some retailers disassemble the bed into three pieces that include footboard, headboard, and rails—which can sell as a 5-piece set including a mirror and a dresser. Otherwise, instead of a second nightstand, you may select a set with a chest of drawers or an armoire.

Bedroom Set (6 Pieces)

The 6-piece bedroom set may be right for you if you need a lot of storage. It contains the following items:

• A two-piece bed (single bed design, king or queen), which also includes one headboard.

• A chest of drawers

• 2 nightstand/bedside tables

• A dressing tables

• A mirror on the dresser

The set also includes everything that you have in a 5-piece set, and also a chest of drawers. While having a dresser and a chest of drawers may seem redundant, there is no such thing as too much organization. Some 6-piece sets, on the other hand, come with a bench instead of a chest of drawers if you don’t require the extra storage.

Bedroom Set (7 Pieces)

This is when things become a bit complex and perplexing. Typically, a 7-piece bedroom set will include:

• A three-piece bed (single bed design, king or queen), which includes footboard, headboard, and rails)

• 2 nightstand/bedside tables

• A dressing tables

• A mirror on the dresser

Although not all businesses sell a seven-piece set, when they sell, they usually count headboard and footboard separately from the bed frame or base. As a result, a 5-piece set from one merchant may be a 7-piece set from another.

A merchant will occasionally sell a bedroom set that consists of seven individual pieces of furniture. These, on the other hand, are significantly more difficult to come by and are usually supplied by much smaller retailers. This set may comprise the following items:

• A bed 

• 2 nightstand/bedside tables

• A dressing tables

• A mirror on the dresser

• A Wardrobe/Armoire

• A bench or trunk

How much one can Spend on a Bedroom Set:

Several things influence the price of a bedroom set. The number of pieces, style, size, quality, along with specific sellers, all has an impact on the price of your bedroom set. In addition, expect to pay some extra for each subsequent size (twin, full, queen, etc).

What color of the furniture should I have in my bedroom?

The answer to this question is mostly determined by your personal preferences, taste, and style, as well as the theme you’ve selected. Perhaps you like a more country atmosphere or prefer a rustic look. Pine or oak may be exactly up your alley. Check out gourmet furniture for more rustic bedroom décor ideas.

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