Moral Values are the fundamental principles that help us in directing the right way to live in society. In other words,it can be said that moral values are basic principles that guide the path for developing a good relationship.


  • Being honest and trustworthy.
  • Being courageous.
  • Never give up.
  • Adding value to the world.
  • Being patient.
  • Taking personal responsibility.
  • Being loyal.
  • Being a Good friend.

Here the question arises: How to be a good friend? Let’s discuss about this:

A good friend is one who always supports you and standing by your side is your good and bad time. It can be said that a good friend is like our backbone without whom we can not stay in this world.

Importance of Good Friend:-

  •  Provides Emotional support-If you find yourself going through a hard time, a good friend will help you to tackle the problem and give you emotional support throughout the time.
  • Helps in building your confidence-Good friends help in building self-confidence. He/she plays an important role for building self-esteem and feeling oneself as best as possible by supporting you.
  • Good Friends also help you to beat stress – A good friend will also help in beating stress as he/she will listen to you and provide you with a solution for the problem and give you emotional support. Whenever you are feeling stressed , the best way is to spend time with your friend and share your thoughts with him/her.
  • Good friends  also encourage our healthy behaviour-Good friends also help in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with your society where you live. They can build healthy behaviour by changing your lifestyle which has a direct impact on society.

   How to be a Good Friend:-

  1. Be real – People like those friends who handle their real side and their strengths and faults with confidence. People become relaxed with real friends.
  2. Be honest – Be honest with your friend. If your friend shares any secrets with you, don’t tell others. Be reliable and let your friend trust you.
  3. Make time for your friend – Give time to your friend for more understandability. Having good friendships will take time because no relationship can build overnight. Give time to your friend.
  4. Keep their secrets – Keep secrets of your friends that he/she shared with you. Be loyal and do not tell their secrets to others.
  5. Be loyal to your friend – For being a good friend, be there with your friend when they are in a bad time. Accept his/her mistakes and help to improve them. Never do back bitching about his/her mistakes with others. Be loyal to your friend.

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