What are MDF Panels?


In earlier times, buildings were built for just providing shelter and storing useful items. They were constructed using bricks and stones. Because of the material used, many homes stayed cold and damp. The walls also stayed unprotected from any kind of damages. 

Slowly, people realized the fault in the construction process. They began using some kind of protective covering on the wall made secure the surface. But still, only half the wall was covered. The rest was still left out. 

When society further grew, things changed in the construction industry. Now, the entire portion of a wall was covered with synthetic paint or wood. Wood provided a better shield from dust, damage, and deterioration of walls. Therefore, a variety of wood panels for walls were used by the public. This technique of wood paneling Is called wainscotting. It is the basic method utilized in buildings to cover the surface of an object using wood. 

Different types of wood panels are available in the market. However, most people prefer MDF or Medium-Density fiberboard. These boards are not only stronger than particle boards but also provide a smooth surface to work on. 

In this article, you will understand everything about MDF panels and how they are utilized in modern construction. Using this information, you can order mdf wall panelling kits from your nearby store. 


Wainscotting is being implemented for a long time for decorative and functional use. In this method, MDF panels provided excellent integrity to the objects. These panels are made by combining two types of wood. The first one is a hardwood that is used to create stronger and dense material. The second type is softwood that provides a soft and smooth surface with less damage to the overall surface.

For manufacturing MDF, the residual fibrous material of hardwood and softwood are taken and collected in a particular place. These fibers are the primary part of MDF panels. After that, the fibers are compressed together under high pressure. An adhesive material like resin is poured inside the material to stick all the fibers together. In the end, a strong and dense wooden panel is created that is similar to plywood.

Wooden paneling requires various wood structures placed together in a particular fashion. Wood not only provides elegance to the room but also keeps it insulated. Moreover, the walls stay protected from small scratches and other forms of damage. 


There are several benefits of using MDF panels for wainscoting. Some of these are listed below:

  • Some varieties provide a completely moisture-resistant surface.
  • MDF is a light board that looks elegant.
  • Can withstand the pressure of drills and do not form any cracks.
  • Fire-retardant MDF is a superb choice for protecting your place from fire hazards.
  • The MDF panels have a higher density than other boards that is suitable for most locations.


When talking about the wooden paneling method, there are different ways of using wainscotting in a structure. Though, the basic utilization remains the same. The procedure starts from the top covering the cap and upper rail. Then the wooden panels are applied in the middle region. Lastly, the lower rail and shoe portions are covered. Depending on the style, one can go with the following types of wainscotting techniques:

Raised Panel 

As the name implies, in raised wooden paneling, the boards look slightly raised above the surface of the walls. This is an old-style that was developed a few centuries ago. But some people still prefer this kind of wainscotting in their homes to give a traditional look to the room.

Board and Batten

In this wall paneling method, this category is utilized to cover the seams, joints, and surface of the walls. Here, almost 6 meters wide panels are used to cover the surface of walls. It became a highly popular technique in the 20th Century. 

Flat Panel

In this category, additional boards for molding and edges are not utilized. Only the basic flat panels are placed on the walls. This gives depth to the overall structure. 


This type of design combines both raised and flat panel wainscotting techniques. Here, the flat panels are installed first. Between each panel, additional panels are placed to give support. 

Beadboard Wainscoting

In the beadboard method, long grooves and beads are placed vertically along with each other. These grooves are about two inches away from each other. The mainboards are aligned tightly without any gaps. 

Where to Buy From?

You can purchase MDF panels from an offline or online store. For online support, you can simply go to the company’s website and select your ideal choice. Once you have selected the type of board, just order the product home. After that, the professionals will perform the wall paneling depending on the style you opted for. Make sure to check the quality of the product and the support provided by the manufacturer.

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