What are the different types of mattresses?

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If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you might be getting overwhelmed by all of the styles and types. There are so many options to choose from. Fear not; there is an answer for every type of sleeper. Many people suffer from back pain. Back pain can result after sitting or lying down on a poor-quality mattress. A good mattress should give you comfort, support and relieves you from backaches or other body pains. Let’s take a look at common types of mattresses and their general characteristics. Apply the SweetNight coupon code at checkout when making a purchase.

Firm Mattresses:

Firm mattresses are great for heavy people and side sleepers. Because of their thickness, firmer mattresses also can be more supportive for large weight loads. That said, a too firm mattress can be uncomfortably stiff and can cause back pain. Firmness is the mattress’s ability to resist compression, namely through its spring system. A firm mattress has no problem providing firm support, especially for more prominent individuals.

Memory foam:

Memory foam mattresses are suitable for those who like to sleep on their sides and stomach but not great for back sleepers because of the increased pressure. Memory foam is also an excellent choice for people who have pressure points or arthritis. Attached is the Sweet Night promo code that new customers can use during checkout.


Hybrid mattresses are a mix of memory foam and firmness. This style is suitable for back sleepers but not advised for side sleepers. Side sleepers tend to sink too far into the mattress, which can increase pressure on the hips. Hybrids are an example of a mattress where you get many benefits from both memory foam and firmness. There is a SweetNight coupon code for new customers available on the checkout page.

Adjustable Air Mattress:

Air mattresses are the most affordable option but also the least durable. They are great for people who need to be in a single place for a short time. Air mattresses are best used for guests that come over occasionally or sleepovers after long days of hiking, sports, or other physical activity.


Waterbeds are known for their bounciness and comfort. Waterbeds are a fun choice for those who like to sleep on their backs and enjoy the feeling of sinking into a mattress. They provide support without being too stiff, making them a good choice for those with arthritis. The downside of waterbeds is that they’re difficult to move, and they can be heavy. Additionally, if you like the idea of the motion of the waterbed, you might want to consider an airbed with a ‘flow’ function.

Futon Mattresses:

Futon mattresses are another inexpensive option. These mattresses are low to the ground, so they don’t take up much space when not in use. Futon mattresses are great for people who have small bedrooms and don’t need much sleep space. 

Now that you know the different types of mattresses make sure to look for a mattress brand with an excellent warranty. It’s essential to protect yourself from poor-quality purchases and from feeling stuck with a mattress that isn’t comfortable or supportive anymore. Buying a mattress from Sweet Night means you are getting restful, supportive sleep for years to come.

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