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What are the causes of the debt crisis? It is not a very easy question to answer, because we really don’t know what causes each individual to become indebted. The economy has been on a decline since the whole recession took place and when the recession is over we will still be struggling with unemployment and inflation. So it is very difficult to point at any specific cause of the debt crisis without any chartered accountants UAE.

Homes & Businesses

Let us just consider some of the factors that have worsened the situation. Foreclosures are one of the factors that have played a crucial role in the deterioration of the economy. Banks had been forced to foreclose hundreds of homes and businesses because of the bad state of the economy. The government had to do something about it and provide billions of dollars as stimulus money. This enabled banks to resume their activity, but this left a very big hole in the pocket of the borrowers.

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Another factor is the excessive use of credit cards. Many people now use credit cards because they have become so cheap. They allow you to purchase items that you would never normally be able to afford without them. As you use more, you incur more debt because your interest rate becomes higher and you will be charged a higher rate until you pay off all of your debts. The people who have a large amount of debt and are unable to pay off are getting into worse financial problems than those who are able to pay their debts.

Company’s Assets

The recession itself has caused many firms and companies to go bankrupt. This is the number one cause of the debt crisis. When a firm or company fails to pay its bills, the government takes control of it. The government can sell off portions of the firm or company’s assets, depending on the value of the firm and how much it owes.

This has caused a major problem for people who have a lot of debt. Because so many people lost their jobs during this recession, many have had to lose their homes and businesses. Most people were not able to get employment when they lost their jobs. These businesses and homes were both taken down because of no money coming in. This means the owners of these properties and businesses have incurred large amounts of debt trying to keep their businesses and homes afloat.

Complex & Intertwined

The causes of the debt crisis are very complex and intertwined. A few things seem to affect the debt crisis. One cause is the easy access to credit cards. This is something society was made to enjoy. Credit cards give us easy access to cash when we need it, and it is nice to have. Unfortunately, it is also a magnet for abuse by some consumers.

Some people try to live beyond their means in an effort to pay off as much debt as possible and never miss a payment. The problem with this approach is that the consumer runs the risk of the card maxing out. When that happens, they have to file bankruptcy. They then start all over again. While paying off debt is very important, people need to learn that living within their means is also important. Avoid using credit cards so much that you run up the debt you need to pay off.

Difficult To Claim

One of the questions that have been plaguing the minds of consumers is why the government is not helping people get out of debt. The answer is obvious. Without help, the economy cannot recover. If the federal government was at least partially responsible for creating the crisis, it would be hard to claim that they are at all responsible for what are the causes of debt crisis. At this point, only the government can help reverse the situation and come up with a workable plan to eliminate debt.

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