Weird World: How People Dress Across the Globe?

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Did you ever see a film set in the 18th century and wondered why are the men wearing oversized powdered wigs? Or perhaps why your mommy and granny have shoulder pads in almost every garment they own? Well, fashion trends come and go and no matter how unusual or simply weird we find certain trends from the past, the fact is that even today, we have some fashion trends which are going to be considered weird in the future. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for the next Halloween or are just intrigued to see what people call fashionable these days, then sit back, relax and enjoy some of the oddest fashion trends across the globe.

Man Buns

If you didn’t have it, then most certainly some of your friends did; the man bun trend has rapidly spread across the globe and while it seems that it’s slowly quieting down, it still has a substantial following. While it’s not quite certain how the trend of man buns originated, it’s safe to say that this hairstyle isn’t a new discovery, as it can be tracked down all the way to samurais, Vikings and even Buddha himself. Mostly associated with today’s new-age trends, many people believe that the man bun is the first aid kit for every male hipster who wishes to express his (un)originality.


While it’s still not certain who thought that wearing metal over their teeth was considered stylish, we can thank Flavor Flav, Ludacris and Lil Jon for introducing the grillz trend into our world. The first traces of grills date back to the 80s, but somehow the trend managed to survive till this day, where we can see famous celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Katy Perry wearing this metal embellishment on their teeth.  

Gothic Lolitas

Let’s just start by stating that this trend originated in Japan. As if bagel heads, manba and gangure weren’t enough, it seems as Japan always finds new ways to surprise us. By far the most popular trend are Gothic Lolitas, a subculture that started somewhere in the 90s and is still going strong. The followers of this trend are influenced by gothic music and Victorian era fashion styles, which, when combined, result in one very eccentric phenomenon called Gothic Lolitas. Black frilled clothing, accompanied by parasols, bonnets and petticoats are the main starting points of a classic Lolita. 

The Facekini

It seems as if the Chinese are taking UV radiation quite seriously, as they’ve come up with an effective solution for this problem – a facekini. While you can easily guess from the name, the facekini is literally a bikini for your face, the ultimate protection from the sun and its harmful rays which is quite popular among the female Chinese audience. It might not look quite appealing at first sight, but the good news is that you can choose from a variety designs, colours and patterns to match the rest of your beach outfit.

Face Jewellery

Okay, face jewellery isn’t quite new and doesn’t necessarily have to be weird or horrific, but nevertheless, there are a few trends worth mentioning. If you ever thought that your eyes need some embellishing, why not take it from the Dutch and opt for small metal stud to insert in your eye? Even better, you can always opt for an eye tattoo! If this is too extreme, take notion that face piercings are still quite trendy and that bindis have found their purpose even outside their original religious frames.

The shoulder pads don’t seem so bad now, do they? In all fairness, strange fashion trends will always exist and different countries and cultures have opposing understandings of what is considered weird. So, in conclusion, whatever you decide to wear, somebody’s going to find it odd, so why not simply indulge in your eccentricity?

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