Weight loss: unconventional food supplements that are notably effective!

Weight Loss

Losing weight is a battle that many of us have been fighting since long. It is common notion on opt for a variety of fat burning diet plans. But to our utter astonishment all these are myths and some food items that we deprave ourselves from, are the ones that can help us to lose those extra pounds. Shocked to know that we have been driving in the opposite direction all this fat burning diettime! 

Whole milk

Drinking skimmed milk and staying away from dairy products is the most blindly followed suggestion. But the reality is skimmed milk is striped of some fatty acids that make us feel full and curb the hunger for longer hours. So it is advised to consume dairy without worrying about the natural fatty acids present in it. Rather go slow on artificially flavoured yoghurts and ice creams, they are the real threat. 

Nut butters

Nut butters are a storehouse of fibres, proteins and healthy fatty acids. Peanut butter is extremely rich in proteins and fibres. It is recommended by doctors because there isn’t much difference in weight of person with normal diet v/s one with nuts rich diet. Try to eat nuts and nut butter between meals to keep your appetite in control. 


Pasta doesn’t fit in that list of junk foods. Surprisingly enough it ranks lower on glycaemic index i.e. it takes longer to digest them which makes them a good source of energy for longer hours. Whole grain pasta and even white pasta is more beneficial than white breads. Of course, the added veggies and spices increase its nutrient value and makes a pasta meal (without cheesy creams and sauces) a healthy one. 

Red wine 

After a long tiring day, nothing is more appealing than a cocktail or a beer. Even though they help you to relax, they can increase the calorie intake which might add to our weight. Health benefits of wine especially red wine are known to everyone. It has polyphenols that can speed up the metabolism and hence comes in handy for weight loss. It is also good for the heart. So adding a glass of red wine can prove helpful but the quantity should be controlled to one or two glasses only. 


Essential vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and minerals are together found in a single egg. Eggs are also low on calories and are a perfect match for diet conscious people. They are easy to afford and faster to cook. There is nothing better than a wholesome meal with eggs cooked in olive oil with greens and served with whole wheat toast. 


Coffee does more than just keep you awake. It is an excellent source of antioxidants that improve metabolism and stimulates the nervous system. A black caffeinated coffee speeds up the body’s ability to burn stored fats and increase endurance. The overall of benefits of a cup of coffee are extracted more from a simple coffee rather than one loaded with cream and sugar filled ones. 

Smoothies and shakes 

Avoiding smoothies sold in cafes and diners can be a good idea. They contain some ingredients like honey, sugar, artificial sweeteners overloaded with calories. Don’t lose hope, you can always rock your personal smoothie recipe. Berries like banana, blueberries, strawberries can be blended along with skim or almond milk and frozen or fresh fruits as per choice. These ingredients result in a tasty and healthy smoothie.  

Protein shakes are good replacement for some calories that you gain from a proper meal. Drinking a permissible amount of protein shake can make you feel fuller. This helps you to decrease your meal size which can limit your calories. But keep in mind, protein shakes also have calories. So you should adjust the amount of shake in a way that the overall calories gained from combination of shake and meal are less than the calories that would have been gained from a meal without protein shake. 

Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolates with a comparatively high level of cocoa are too good to turn away from. They keep cortisol levels in control to prevent stress, regulate blood pressure, lower the risk of heart problems and sustains appetite. Too much of it can prove to be dangerous but just having a bite or two is exactly what you need. Unconventional doesn’t mean unhealthy. While most of these foods and beverages are believed to be unhealthy, if administered in a certain way they can prove to be more effective than conventional weight loss food items. They help us to retain our taste as we don’t have to cut off from our favourite food and beverages. Thus, we don’t crave for them and can follow the diet more appropriately. So while we can still stick to those belly fat diet plans while we try out these options to save the day. With appropriate precautions, suitable portion size and correct cooking techniques, we can enjoy their many benefits without feeling deprived or worrying about our weight.

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