Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue on a Budget

wedding venue

Weddings are a reason for abundant joy and love. That is, it is essential to pick the right place for the event. With the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become vital to choose a beautiful but also a clean and hygienic place for the wedding. Proper sanitization and safety measures should be followed by the reception hall management. With all the wedding shopping, the rush of emotions, and preparing the guest list, the task for selecting a wedding venue can be overwhelming.

Tips & tricks to save money and how to find a wedding venue on a budget

Limit guest list

Do not bloat your guest list. Many Lafayette wedding venues are following social distancing and advice brides and grooms to limit their guest list. It also makes sense if you are on a tight budget. Having a small ceremony with only your loved ones saves your money and gives you ample time to spend quality moments with the people who matter.

Turn gifts into assistance

You’ve seen your sister passing on the cheap vase that your aunt gifted her on her wedding day. Do you want the same scenario to take place for your wedding? Well, we hope not! If you have cousins or friends who are good with baking, photography, or decoration skills, you can take their assistance for the event, which will cut down your cost. You wouldn’t have to pay for the additional charges for the decorators, photographers, or gifting distributors associated with the venue.

Avoid the wedding season

Many wedding planners have analyzed that during the wedding season in the US, many New Orleans and Lafayette Wedding Venues are entirely packed. Even if you are lucky enough to find a spot, it will cost you too high. Generally, late summer and early fall are considered the peak seasons for weddings in the US. If you avoid the dates during these modern times, the chances to find a wedding venue on budget increases.

Shun a weekend party

The chances to find a wedding venue on the budget increase if you plan a weekday wedding. A wedding on Thursday or Friday also allows you to keep a quiet brunch the following day, which cuts down the excessive alcohol cost. Keep this in mind while deciding the date for your wedding to find an affordable wedding venue.

Pick an inclusive package

Extra services such as a DJ, flower arrangement, and lighting can cost a bomb if you go to individual vendors. Pick a place that provides an inclusive package for all miscellaneous services. It will help you save a considerable amount of money, neither you’ll have to drive to meet all of them individually. Many Lafayette wedding venues provide inclusive packages with premium services. Lafayette wedding venues are known for their gorgeous decor and delicious food.

That last step is to relax and enjoy your wedding worry-free, and of course, get beautiful pictures clicked for the memories you’ll cherish forever!

So, that was it! These simple tips and tricks will help you find an affordable venue for your wedding. You can save some extra money and use it for your first joint investment as a couple or upgrade your honeymoon plan.

Having an intimate wedding is also the need of the hour. Thus, you might want to consider having a small wedding to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. I wish you a happy wedding and an even happier married life!

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