Different Types and Styles of Wedding Photography

wedding photography

Wedding photographers are known for their signature styles. This is why it is important to choose your wedding photographer wisely. Do not go simply with the big names because you might not like their style or approach of shooting a wedding. 

Your aesthetic sense might not match their portfolio. So, instead of hiring someone and then trying to explain everything to them, you should look for the one whose portfolio is the closest to what you have in mind. 

You don’t need a photographer with an extensive team and expensive lenses to do the job. Simply, look for someone with the passion and the eye for capturing images that will make your wedding day memorable. 

Knowing about the popular Photography styles can help you choose the perfect one.


Make your wedding day a real-life fairytale with cinematic photographers and videographers. They are experts at color coding, shooting and editing your videos and pictures in a manner that they look straight out of a movie. With personalized touches, you can create your own successful, love story on film. Capturing the small, coy exchanges, the merriment and the emotions associated with the ceremony – this wedding photography style is sure to take you on a roller-coaster ride every time you go back to re-watch the scenes. 


The classic wedding style is reserved for the shy, white-collar or the meticulous lot. When you want everything in perfect order; from timed photo-shoots, full coverage of the event and a highlight of the candid moments, then this style is what you should go for. It works well for people who want a more private, family-oriented and vintage affair. 


Celebrate your wedding day with your fans, friends on the internet or people around the globe by capturing each detail of your wedding day. From the preparation to the ceremony till the end of your wedding night, you can have a team of cameramen who will be determined to capture candid moments of both the parties. What a fun way to look back at the memories that can be overlooked during the endless hustle-bustle of weddings! 

Fearless Bridal

Giving a fun twist to post-wedding photography, “the trash the wedding” style is a great way to make the most of your wedding dress. Instead of locking up your wedding dress in the closet for ages to wither and rot, plan a fun photo-shoot with it. When you are out on the street or doing fun stuff in your wedding dress, jewelry or rings, your photos will stand out of the crowd and will bring a smile on your face every time you see them.  

Modern Weddings 

Modern weddings are all about having a minimalistic theme with whimsical setups, destination weddings or beach parties. These weddings are for the creative-minded, out of the box thinkers who want their wedding day to be a quirky, fun experience instead of a monotonous, conservative ceremony. Thus, a skilled photographer who can understand your demands, with the right skill-set, openness and creative mindset is crucial.  

Drone Photography 

Perfect for a destination, modern weddings, and fearless bridal shoots. Drone photography helps cover the landscapes from an aerial view. Thus, each element in the backdrop; both animate and inanimate become a part of your story.  

Wide-Angle Lens Photography 

Unlike aerial views, this type of photography gives a more editorial-esque and dramatic character to your photos, especially if you have picked a grand venue, or have a destination wedding at a picturesque spot. Wide angle lens photography perfectly captures the ambiance of the wedding. Moreover, it is great to fit in your circle of extended family and friends. Now, no one shall complain about not getting a picture with the ever-so-busy bride and groom!


The highlight of each wedding, this of photography is a must! And you should be mindful of hiring a photographer who is an expert at portrait photography – since handling a portrait lens can be fairly trickier than others. Thus, an expert will capture relaxed, cinematic or moody, sharp wedding pre and post portraits as well as story-telling candid pictures of the bride and groom. 

Finally, picking a wedding photographer who meets your needs as well as your budget can be quite a task. But a good investment shall be worth all the memories that you will keep reviewing, from time to time, for the rest of your life.

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