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Having to decide for a wedding venue can be one of the tough decisions that you would be making for your wedding. It is one of the first things that you need to decide for and the whole process can be exhausting. You have to consider several things when picking a wedding venue such as cost, accessibility to the location, etc.

Well, you can set aside all the hassle of deciding for a venue and instead choose a wedding marquee. You don’t have to consider a list of things if you opt for a marquee wedding as you can turn any venue into a beautiful wedding event.

But that’s not the only reason why you must say “yes” to the wedding marquee. Below we have listed a few advantages that you can only get if you choose a marquee wedding ceremony.

1. You can get as creative as you want

When it comes to marquee weddings, there is no limitation for being creative with your ideas. Depending on the venue where you wish to set your marquee wedding, you can direct the planners how you want the venue to look like.

Whether you wish to go for a certain theme or a specific décor, a marquee wedding allows you to be creative with your ideas and achieve it successfully. Whereas a traditional venue may have restrictions or infrastructure limitations that won’t do justice to your ideas.

A marquee wedding plays the role of a blank canvas where you can envision your idea and accomplish them freely.

2. Saves cost for a huge wedding ceremony

If you have a huge wedding ceremony with a long guest list then a marquee wedding is the best choice to go for. The traditional wedding venues may not suffice the huge wedding crowd also they would charge you on the basis of ‘per head’. The overall cost to book the venue would be too expensive.

However, a marquee wedding is way more accommodating as you can get plenty of choice for marquee tent size. So, there is no need for you to shorten your guest list as you can fit in as many people as you want depending on the marquee tent size that you choose.

Also, the cost for a marquee wedding is based on the size of the tent you choose and not on the ‘per head’ basis. Therefore, saving your cost on the wedding venue.

3. You can show off the beautiful outdoor view

If you want to have your wedding on a beautiful outdoor location then you can perfectly have that with a marquee wedding. You don’t have to worry about the weather spoiling your special day as the marquee tents are capable of keeping you and your guests dry.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of your location and have a wonderful wedding ceremony without the worry of bad weather ruining your day. Marquee wedding providers have the right arrangement made for any sort of outdoor location.

4. You get the freedom of choosing your own caterer

Marquee wedding is all about giving you the freedom to arrange things for your wedding as per your choice. Therefore, you can choose your own caterer and organize a nice eating arrangement for your guests and for you to enjoy on your special day.

Whereas in a typical hotel venue, you might have to choose the hotel menu instead of your own choice of catering service. Now, you wouldn’t want to limit your choices on your very special day, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the plans of booking a plaza or hotel for your wedding and instead choose the flexible option of wedding marquee. Have the perfect wedding ceremony as you imagined with a marquee wedding.

By Anurag Rathod

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