These wedding flowers are must in your list

wedding flowers

Flowers can contribute to the sensory experience of a wedding by infusing the air with their natural fragrance, adding to the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on guests. These delicate yet potent elements can transform your wedding into a vivid, unforgettable masterpiece. Let’s explore why these  blooms should grace your special day.

White Oriental Lilies: A Fragrance of Purity

White oriental lily, is the embodiment of purity and commitment. Their ivory petals symbolize the unblemished love you share, making them a perfect choice for your wedding. The intoxicating fragrance of these lilies can transport you to a world of romance, where every delicate whiff encapsulates the essence of your love story. Placing them in your bouquet or as table centerpieces not only adds elegance but fills the air with an aura of enchantment that leaves your guests spellbound. To find the freshest and most exquisite white oriental lilies, consult our skilled florist in Atlanta, GA, who can turn your wedding into a fragrant masterpiece.

Tulips: Expressing Passion and Love

Tulips, in their diverse shades, offer a spectrum of emotions. Red tulips symbolize passionate love, making them a fervent choice for your wedding bouquet. As you walk down the aisle, clutching a bunch of these velvety blooms, their beauty and intensity mirror the love you and your partner share. Their sleek, slender stems bring an air of sophistication to your floral arrangements. 

Red Roses: The Epitome of Love

Red roses, with their velvety texture and deep crimson hue, stand as the timeless ambassadors of love. Their lush petals whisper stories of affection, admiration, and unwavering devotion. When you choose to include these iconic blooms in your wedding, you’re not merely selecting flowers; you’re selecting a profound symbol. Whether they grace your bridal bouquet, adorn the centerpieces, or elegantly embellish boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, red roses convey a message that transcends words, painting a vivid portrait of your love. Our wedding florist in Atlanta, with their expertise, can artfully weave these symbols of romance into your day, creating an atmosphere of love that will be etched in the hearts of all who attend. 

Orchids: Exotic Elegance

Orchids are a statement of exotic elegance. Their alluring, delicate appearance and wide range of colors make them a versatile choice for weddings. Whether cascading from your bouquet or adorning the venue, orchids infuse an air of sophistication and luxury. They are the embodiment of refined beauty and make your wedding truly exceptional.

Hydrangeas: Abundance and Gratitude

Hydrangeas, these magnificent blooms, are not merely flowers; they are a symbol of abundance and gratitude. Their lush, bountiful petals create an aura of fullness and thankfulness that resonates deeply with the essence of your wedding day. As you embark on this beautiful journey of matrimony, hydrangeas, thoughtfully incorporated into your wedding decor, serve as messengers of appreciation. Their voluminous clusters of petals add a touch of opulence, making them perfect centerpieces or enchanting accents in your bridal bouquet. If you’re planning your wedding in Atlanta, consider using our flower delivery Atlanta to ensure the freshest and most vibrant hydrangeas grace your celebration. 

Hyacinth: Fragrance of New Beginnings

Hyacinths, more than just adding a touch of color, bring a fragrant embrace to your wedding day. These flowers symbolize new beginnings and rebirth, making them a profoundly meaningful choice for your celebration of love. Their delicate petals, coupled with their sweet, lingering scent, serve as a subtle, enchanting presence that will etch itself into the memories of your guests. On your special day, as you embark on this new journey as a couple, hyacinths represent the promise of fresh beginnings, making your wedding a fragrant, captivating, and unforgettable chapter in your love story.


As you embrace the significance of these exquisite blooms in your wedding, remember that every petal tells a story of your love. For the finest floral arrangements and impeccable service in Atlanta, turn to Buckhead Florist. Visit our website at Buckhead Florist Inc.  to discover how we can transform your wedding day into a breathtaking masterpiece of blossoms and memories.