How Can You Save On A Wedding Cake?

wedding cake

On the special day when there are other vital things to arrange, wedding cake likewise has the significance to add on the uniqueness and to make it memorable. 

When there are several other expenses to bear, it is totally possible to have a completely stunning wedding cake without completely busting your budget. This is the reason; the article intends to provide some simple approaches to save a great deal of money while buying a wedding cake. 

In case you’re thinking about the manner to get a good deal on a wedding cake, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to give up the taste or style while staying within budget. As a matter of fact, experienced cake bakers are aware of the techniques to cut the cost of custom made wedding cakes, despite the fact, at the same time producing a final product you’ll completely cherish.

Decide on A Budget

The recommended way is to decide on a budget intended for wedding cake before beginning with your fantasy wedding cake and settle on the amount you intend to spend on the cake.

In case you are wondering how much an average wedding cake cost, the normal wedding cake costs somewhere in the range of $50, however, the cost completely relies upon your requirements. 

At the time you’ve settled on the amount you intend to spend; then divide that amount by the total expected number of guests. As a result, you will be able to get the price of per slice, and consequently the total amount that you will need to spend.

Do Without Complex Design Components

Custom/complex designs could turn out to be the costliest aspect of a wedding cake. The complex a design of a cake; the additional time is required dealing with it; consequently, a higher price. 

Decide on design components such as: 

  1. Metallic Detailing 
  2. Fondant Flowers 
  3. Exclusive Shapes
  4. Hand Painting 
  5. Multiple Tiers 

These components can add on a lot more price point. In the event that you have your heart set on a unique wedding cake, you need to make sure that your desires are in accordance with your budget.

Look for A Good Deal 

It is recommended to shop around and don’t simply settle on the first cake you see. These days, there are several online custom made wedding cakes providers offering competitive rates and occasional discounts. After a little research, the chances are higher that you will locate custom made wedding cakes providers providing good taste and quality cakes at the most reasonable prices. Keep in mind, more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

You should give it a try at someplace new that you already don’t know. In most cases, new entrants, for the most part, have great discount offers as they attempt to pull in more clients. In this case, little research on the internet will help you discover the neighborhood or close by places offering competitive prices.

Settle on Simple/Small Alternatives 

In most cases, you will need to pay per slice; therefore, procuring a smaller cake with less slices will cost less. In case you are having a casual wedding, at that point, procuring a smaller cake is simple; however, there could be an issue in case you’re having a substantial number of guests. 

On the other hand, you can have a small custom wedding cake on display and for cake cutting, and procure budget sheet cakes that can be utilized behind the table or in the kitchen to serve the guests.

Settle on Simplicity 

At the time of considering the manner to save money on a wedding cake, the best way is to settle on simplicity. This should be possible by staying on a smaller scale buttercream frosted alternatives or decide on negligibly or unfrosted confection, in other words, termed as the ‘naked cake.’ Both alternatives will probably minimize the cost essentially contrasted with other expensive alternatives. 

In order to trim your sweet and simple dessert, the best way is to request some additional flowers from your florist. In this case, you can request a perfect simple buttercream iced cake along with fresh florals, which is likewise trendy. 

Look for Fewer Tiers

In the event that your guests are near a hundred, you possibly will have supposed that you have to go with the six-tier cake. In this case, you must be aware of the fact that every tier requires additional time and will add to the price per person. In case you intend to decrease costs, lessening the number of tiers will without a doubt, fit within your budget. 

You can put a cake on display that you like the most but in a smaller version, and utilize that for the cake cutting moments. On the other hand, your caterers will have inexpensive sheet cakes having similar flavors, which they would then be able to serve to support the main cake.

Pick Buttercream Over Other Alternatives 

In order to get a smooth and well-ordered appearance, fondant frosting is appropriate, however, increases the expense of the cake. In contrast, buttercream frosting isn’t exactly as smooth; however, it can look cleaned whenever handled in an appropriate manner. In terms of taste, buttercream frosting likewise tastes far superior as compared to fondant; as a result, your guests will enjoy it most. 

Display of The Cake

Table Design for the cake will add expense, and you can trim the cost by avoiding it. An excellent cake table just needs linen, a couple of candles, and a few flowers. You can make use of any of your bridesmaid bouquets on the table to add some additional dimension to the display. 

In any case, without a doubt, a wedding cake is amongst notable attractions at a wedding. In this case, you can make use of other decoration items around, items such as: 

  1. A Lovely Crate 
  2. Photographs 
  3. Vase 

You can always add these items to the table to enhance the overall attraction and enhance the appearance of the surrounding.

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