Website Services Vancouver

Website Services Vancouver

To explain what we mean by website services in Vancouver, let’s take all the sites, divide them into groups by purpose, and see the difference between them.

Acquaintance with the company:

  • business cards,
  • corporate sites.

Such sites solve image problems. They tell about a company or an individual, show news, introduce employees, goods and services, etc. The price for services, a calculator, an online consultant, etc., brings commercial benefits from the site.


  • landing pages,
  • online shopping.

The main task of such a site is to tell about a product or service and lead the visitor to the purchase. If an online store solves this problem directly, then a landing page (aka one-page page) most often only generates leads – arouses the target audience’s interest in a product or service and offers to leave your email address or other contact information. Each element of a one-page page works for this task, the placement of which should be logically justified. How to make a landing page is taught by professionals from the Tilda website builder.


  • blogs,
  • media.

Such resources cover events and issues of varying degrees of significance and topics. It is expected that information sites will have a rubricator, search, the ability to leave a comment and share an article on social networks, newsletter subscription, mobile layout and flawless SEO optimization, which allows the site to be in the first place in search results for relevant queries.

A blog does not have to be made from scratch – platforms for this purpose, like LiveJournal, Blogger, Blogspot, Tumblr and others, have been enough at all times.


  • social network,
  • forums,
  • dating websites.

While such sites successfully serve as both a marketplace and news source in 2019, they were primarily designed to help you connect with new people and keep them online with old friends and family. Among the main functions – a user profile, the ability to exchange private messages, create topics and leave comments.

Web services :

  • message boards,
  • catalogues,
  • online consultation,
  • product search and price comparison,
  • business solutions,
  • shopping marketplaces,
  • booking systems.

With the help of website services in Vancouver, you will receive a service in real-time or perform an action: buy a ticket, processes a photo, collects a presentation, or convert one currency into another at the current rate. From this point of view, web services resemble programs or mobile applications. While business cards or landing pages simply sell services and talk about the company, web services are of practical use.

Service sites and Internet services are synonymous with web services, so don’t get lost if you come across such wording.

Services should be useful, their main task is to make the user solve the problem quickly and with minimal effort. Imagine you need a credit card. To choose and order a suitable one, you can independently study the websites of a dozen banks, then go to the office of one of them, stand in line, talk to the manager, fill out the documents, and return in a week for a ready credit card. Another option is to use services like or, where all important information about products is collected in one place and there is an online ordering function.

Good service always looks concise. The less detail distracts the user from the main function, the better. An illustrative example is any Yandex or Google service: on the page with cards, you will find only cards, and on the online wallet website there is only a tool for managing finances, without unnecessary links and advertisements for other products.

To make it convenient for the user, when developing such a website, it is very important to pay attention to UX analytics, and the costs of UX / UI design can be much higher than when creating a regular landing page or online store.

Why is it harder and more expensive to create service sites than business cards?

With Website services in Vancouver, the development will have to be done from scratch. Ready-made box solutions are practically not suitable for this, especially when it comes to a product, and not a calculator on the company’s website.

What makes it difficult to create such a site?

  • Higher costs for UX analytics, UX / UI design and front-end development. The service will be used by people with specific needs, and the more narrow the task needs to be closed, the sharper the interface should be tailored for its user. Don’t underestimate the importance of the user interface.
  • Backend development costs… A landing page or business card does not need a backend, because its content is static and does not imply any interactivity. Web services, on the other hand, need to work with a bunch of data: sort products by price, brand, or another attribute, make a cinema reservation for a specific movie, time and place, etc.
  • Integration with various services. It can be anything: CRM, 1C, SMS mailing, push notifications, payment. This part of the project can be made even more expensive if you develop, for example, your own payment gateway, but why, if there are ready-made solutions.
  • Lack of box solutions and designers. A business card can be made from a template and an online store – based on hundreds of ready-made CMS. But if you need a system for managing petroleum product shipments with unique mechanics tailored to your business processes, then you cannot do without custom development from scratch, which is long and expensive.

What is the cost of getting website services in Vancouver?

Every serious product goes through the steps listed below. In parentheses, we indicated the percentage of the total time to create a product that takes a particular stage.

Analytics (3%)

Analytics determines who needs this service, how exactly it will solve the user’s task, what value it brings to its owner, what is included in the technological stack of the project (programming languages, frameworks, plugins, integrations), in what form the client will receive the service and how it is will scale.

Design (11%)

At the design stage, the user experience (UX), interface (UI) and the appearance of the service are thought out.

Development (55%)

To make the service look good on all devices, front-end developers make responsive HTML / CSS-layout and, in general, set the created design in motion by the power of the code, and back-end developers establish client-server interaction and business logic from the server-side.

Testing (11%)

To prevent the client from getting the product working anyway, testers run it through manual and automated tests to identify bugs.

Management (20%)

The manager ensures the work of the entire team and keeps the client informed of what is happening on the project: shows the results, discusses possible going beyond the deadlines and ways to prevent this , etc.

Product promotion stands apart. It is incorrect to measure it in hours and rubles – marketing constantly requires injections if the product is serious and wants to live a long time, adjusting to changing trends and the needs of its users. Once we talked in our blog about the promotion of a mobile application, which we recommend to read about .

What is included in the website service technology stack

The right set of technologies is the first step towards creating any product, including a web service . Live Typing uses:

  • Programming languages PHP, Python, Ruby.
  • Laravel, Yii2, Symfony, Django, Ruby On Rails frameworks.
  • Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB.
  • Operating systems Ubuntu, CentOS.

How much do web services cost?

A service can be a separate product that is purposefully created in order to monetize it, or a marketing component in an already operating business. Below we will tell you in detail about the types of web services: information sites and marketplaces, message boards, online consultants, services in the field of services and trade, booking systems, web services from the creators of programs and applications.

Each group is accompanied by a table where we give an approximate estimate of the design and development of one or another functionality and a forked estimate of the cost of the entire web service. Its upper and lower values depend on the specific requirements. For example, there is an authorization where only an email is needed, and there is authorization with two-factor authentication and the ability to log in through social networks; the first is faster and cheaper than the second. And this applies to all other functionalities and blocks.

Information site or marketplace

Sometimes a service is a separate resource that solves certain tasks. For example, booking systems Airbnb or Skyscanner are needed in order to find accommodation or buy a plane ticket. This is a prime example of a laconic service with one main function.

Some sites can solve several problems at the same time. For example, the Advego content exchange is needed in order to find a customer and an artist to create texts, while on the same resource there is a separate service with which you can check the text for uniqueness.

LinguaCompass, which was designed and developed by Live Typing, partly also covers two problems with one solution: it helps parents find a place abroad where children will not only relax but also learn a foreign language with its native speaker. A very flexible filter will help with finding a place, where you can set the country, language, price range, and activity in addition to study.

The most expensive marketplace functionality is shopping carts and checkout. The basket logic is complex. The minimum that she should be able to do is store selected products, replenish and remove them with recalculating the total amount, and the maximum is to take into account how the total amount is affected by promo codes and promotions in the spirit of “add product, A and B and get product C at a discount twenty%”.

Developing ordering logic is even more difficult. It is necessary to take into account what is in the basket, whether a confirmed user places an order or not (if there is no confirmation, then technically anyone can place an order in the user’s name), what types of delivery and payment are possible, which one the buyer has chosen, with which delivery services and payment systems need to be integrated. It all takes time.

As a result, the creation of a marketplace like Yandex. The market will cost from 1 million 705 thousand rubles to 3 million 498 thousand rubles.

Please note that hereinafter, we evaluate the development of a profile and a personal account separately. This is intentional. From the development point of view, they perform different purposes: the profile stores the name, surname, user avatar and other personal information, and the personal account, in addition to the user’s data, also stores the results of user interaction with the system, for example, posted ads, reviews on them, purchase history , etc. . n. For the designer it is a functional unit.

A bulletin board can be either an independent service (Yula, Avito), or part of another site, for example, a media outlet . The latter makes the reader more loyal and increases traffic.

Take a look at the table below. No functional block takes as much time as the administrative panel. The scope of the task is related to the very function of the bulletin board: to cover as many product categories as possible. A board is a system entirely composed of user-generated content (announcements and comments), and the developer needs to create convenient conditions for users to post and moderate by administrators. For example, the ad submission forms differ from each other depending on the product category, because the parameters of a vacuum cleaner and a car are definitely not the same.

Another aspect is the directory structure. The administrator needs to be given a tool to quickly introduce or remove a new category and create subcategories to respond to the emergence of new niches, such as VR.

The creation of a bulletin board will cost from 1 million 397 thousand rubles to 2 million 728 thousand rubles.

Online consultants

Another common version of the service is a website for online consultations . This format is often used by lawyers or doctors, although, in fact, it is suitable for any area in which an expert can provide advice or recommendation without a face-to-face meeting. A specialist from any field (from esotericism to business) can register on the LiveExpert website , and users will ask him questions through a special form. The resource can be completely tailored to work on the Internet, as is the case with the Yandex. Health , where users contact specialists via chat, audio messages or video calls.

In some cases, online consultation is an additional free service that you can use to get to know the company, decide on an order, or ask clarifying questions. An online consultation window can be found where visitors are selling something . These forms are used by digital agencies , educational institutions, marketplaces, online stores and many other companies.

One of the most important functions of such services is the communication system. It means chat, audio or video calls through which users and service specialists will communicate. Most often, this is a ready-made third-party solution that needs to be integrated with a web service . The integration time depends on how easy the service is to use, whether it has responsive support and a set of interface solutions and elements, it is also a UI kit . For example, the Quickblox service provides messaging, but it does not have its own UI kit , so the development team will have to draw the chat interface. In turn, the Layer service, which closes on October 30, 2019, provides its interface elements.

The design and development of a web service for online consultations will cost from 979 thousand to 2 million 244 thousand rubles.

Service and trade company

An online service helps a customer to get to know a product or service before placing an order. Depending on the industry in which the company operates, it can be anything: a bot with free tips, drawing up a training program, a useful calculator, a recipe generator. For example, on the Modulbank website, they will fill out and prepare all the documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, while it is not necessary to open an account there.

Imagine a person comes to the website of a foreign language school and finds there an original and well-thought-out test to check the level of knowledge. Most likely, this will immediately inspire confidence: if the company is so attentive to the free service, then the courses themselves will be no worse. This is the path taken by the Puzzle English service, which actively promotes its free test.

Online stores sometimes add product comparison services to their sites. This is what Lenovo does: if you are in doubt between two models of laptops or smartphones, you can visually compare them on the same page without switching between tabs and without trying to keep important information in your head.

A catalogue of goods, the ability to filter and search for such a service will cost twice as much as for a bulletin board. Comparing the prices of goods from several bases, you will have to do something about the fact that the goods in them are named differently: the brand name may or may not be included in it, how the volume of a bottle or tube may or may not be included if the prices of cosmetic products are compared. funds. For such cases, you need to write parsers that parse data from different sources and bring them to a single structure. This complicates the project and raises its cost.

A service that compares prices for various goods, according to our estimates, costs from 968 thousand to 2 million 46 thousand rubles.

Booking systems

The first area in which automatic booking was introduced was civil aviation: after the Second World War, people began to fly so often that it became impossible to sell tickets with just phone calls. In 2019, you can book anything online: from seats on planes to quest rooms.

Company Table selling SaaS for small restaurants in more than 30 countries on the planet. While table booking is the main role of this service, other benefits in the form of saving time and money, efficient occupancy of the establishment, maintaining a customer database, loyalty program, collecting feedback and many other opportunities, depending on the purchased package, are being followed. If you are booking a movie theater, you are required to redeem tickets no later than a certain time.

The Russian service Kinohod gave its users more than just the opportunity to take seats: the service allows them to pay for them and come to the cinema whenever you want.

Live Typing has designed and developed a service for tourists wishing to occupy a hotel room, Instaroom. Any hotel can put up a widget on its website, with which a tourist can discuss a room reservation. The hotel representative communicates with the site visitor through the administrative panel. The table contains several functionalities, the meaning of which, in our opinion, requires clarification.

In the table, attention is drawn to the functionality of the “Booking module”. This is a form in which the site user selects the parameters of the booked room or room, looks at free time slots, studies offers for neighboring days , etc. It has its own interface and work logic that needs to be programmed.

The reservation system is understood as the place where the hotel stores data on booking acts; to her somehow and connect your web service . And when a user requests free rooms for a certain day through the booking module , the module turns to this system for data.

The cost of creating a web service for booking is from 671 thousand to 1 million 584 thousand rubles.

Software and application creators

Many mobile applications or well-known programs have online versions that can be used directly on the site. This is quite convenient for a user who gets the opportunity to work with the same product both at the computer and with the help of a smartphone.

With the Pixlr service, you can quickly and for free process a photo or picture. In parallel with the online service, there is a mobile application of the same name, which has paid features and ads that bring money to product owners.

Microsoft has free online versions of office programs: if you are not ready to buy and install Excel in order to work in it for a couple of days, you can use it right in your browser.

More often than not, online versions provide slightly fewer options than a full-fledged program. It is assumed that with its help the client will be able to solve simple problems, and for more serious work he will buy and install licensed software. A free service should stimulate a purchase, its task is to acquaint the user with the product and interest him.

It is very difficult to give a fork to the cost of such services. If the bulletin board is more or less the same in functionality regardless of the products being sold, then a text editor and a photo editor are fundamentally different things; even text editors, for example, Telegraph and Microsoft Word, will differ from each other in the complexity of development. If you need to evaluate the development of such a service – write to us, we’ll figure it out together.


iYou want to know about website services in Vancouver? Web services are created to solve a problem or several tasks from one area: order something, transfer from one unit to another, book, compares by characteristics, process a media file. This puts them on a par with mobile applications, which are also an auxiliary tool in their essence. And like an application, the design of a web service should strive for conciseness and utility.

The development of a service site is more expensive than the development of any other site. Responsible work of an analyst, UX / UI designer, front-end and back-end developers and a tester will be required. Want to get by with a designer? Nothing will come of it: it is impossible to assemble a system from a limited set of elements that will work for certain business goals. Only custom development from scratch.

How much does a website service cost? Above, we estimated typical projects, and according to this estimate, it will take from 500 thousand to 3 million rubles. If your project is similar to those, then we will update the estimate when you tell us in detail about your business.

And if you did not recognize your service in any of the described ones, or it combines several, then after communicating with you, we will prepare an assessment strictly for your unique needs. Leave a request for a free consultation in the form and ask in the comments if something remains unclear.

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