How To Use A Website Redesign To Improve Conversions And Sales


The interactive user interface and the complicated user interface have a thin difference, which you need to understand. Engaging content, catchy typography, and a website redesign will help you to boost the organic search for your business with lower bounce rates. It will also help to enhance your user experience. 

But how do I know if my business needs a redesign? 

Answer these questions to yourself first: 

  • Am I receiving complaints regarding user experience? 
  • Does my website design look outdated?
  • Are the conversion rates of my website decreasing?
  • Does my website fail to meet all the specific needs of my visitors? 

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then redesigning your website is the best choice. 

Questions to ask before a website redesign 

Research is essential. Either you want to redesign or not, but researching for it is the very first step. Here are some questions to ask before redesigning your website by any web design company

Which page of my website is the most valuable? 

A clear map of your website should be there in your mind before assigning redesigning work toA poor website design and functionality can lessen the leads while redesigning it by keeping the same brand identity can save your website from it. 

Most businesses know the worth of a strong web presence, the extended marketplace, targeted audience, and much more benefits it provides. Today, many entrepreneurs think to make changes on their websites, but the wait costs it more through lost opportunities and conversions. If you want to redesign your website to be on the point and user-friendly, why wait then? Contact a web design company and start the process. 

When you start the process of web redesign, you should consider every aspect of it. The modified website should be designed to optimize conversion rates and sales. But how to begin the process and improve conversions & sales? 

What to choose, redesign or refresh?

If your website has old content and poor SEO, then redesign is the preferable option by keeping your brand’s identity intact. While refresh is a great option too but it is the start from the beginning. If you feel your website is outdated or the core functionality of your website is poor, then refresh is the option you may go for. 

 anyone. Investigating the relationship between traffic and conversions is one method to start it based on how the two are linked, each of your website pages will likely fall into one of these groups:

  • High traffic, high conversion
  • Low traffic, high conversion 
  • High traffic, low conversion 
  • High traffic, high conversion 

It will give you a clear idea about which pages are important, and should be taken care of with care. 

Know who is visiting your website

Collecting information on high conversion pages is not enough; knowing what type of audience is visiting your website is also essential. Data of your audience will allow you to create a clear picture of who you’re redesigning for and keep their wants in mind as you make decisions.

You’ve done your research and are ready to begin the redesign. The desire to rebuild your site at once is undoubtedly lurking in the background but focusing on the tiny things that will make a huge impact first, making changes, and evaluating the outcomes is a safer, more efficient way to go about it.

What to seek during the website redesign? 

Compelling Content 

Websites should add engaging content that too continuously as some information through blogs. The engaging content will compel users to visit your site furthermore. 

Easy design 

Websites should be simple to use and browse. Design should be kept simple to follow. Your users should easily navigate your website. 


Targeting the right audience will bring you leads. A good strategy of SEO uses the right keywords to target the right audience. It’ll help people find your site easily. 

Proper CTA’s 

A clear and visible call to action will bring leads easily because that way your audience can reach you easily. Visible call to actions remove any uncertainty a person may have about what to do next, and it will allow them to be redirected to a demo or contact page easily. 

Basic Functionality 

Experiment with new images, fonts, and colors to give a crisp look to your website. However, ensure that the website is functional. Examine your site’s navigation, analytics, and content. Look and feel both are important for your visitor. 

Mobile Friendly

People are increasingly using mobile devices to reach any website, as mobiles are easily accessible anywhere. When building a website, be sure to include a mobile-friendly version. The mobile version should be less crowded and cleaner than the desktop version. You’ll need to reduce the size of some of the files and reduce the size of some of the page components.

Customize your website based on your brand 

There’s nothing wrong with flaunting your brand’s personality. Consider the content and tone of your blog articles and social media postings on how to connect with your audience. 

Use colors, typography, and graphics that are harmonious with your brand and reflect your brand’s identity. Always write in a constant tone so that your audience knows what you’re talking about and isn’t confused.


Redesigning is a great idea to increase your sales/conversion rate if done correctly. Start with collecting your current data of conversion rates, bounce rates, high conversion pages, high traffic pages, time on your website, and all other data. 

Do not skip the research part. Knowing what your competitors are up to can help you create a more efficient site. Get a practical sense of how your new site will appear with wireframes and mockups, then start constructing it piece by piece.

If the end goal is conversion rate and sales, then improving the user experience of your website will help you to achieve your goal. Ask your web design company what you exactly want, and they will work wonders. Choosing the right website design company for that is essential.  

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