Wearing Basic Tees to Be More Fashionable

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Every lady has at least three basic tees that are hanging behind their closet. Whether you like wearing them to the gym, to sleep, to run different errands or any other place, these tees can be very comfortable. The sad thing is that these tees are bashed by fashion lovers for them being sloppy looking or boring.

The fact is that tees are simple pieces of cloth and may not be able to turn heads on their own but, when they are paired with a perfect pair of jeans, pants or skirts; they can simply make you shine out. Basic tees can become anything that you want. There are countless ways to transform the versatile tee to make it appear as an integral part of your gorgeous appearance that will be anything but boring. You can browse from the exhaustive list of tees and tops by using 6th street promo code and get the basic or stylish tees and tops which you have planned to adorn your fashion style at the most.

Flaunt with Statement Jewelry

Wearing statement jewellery will bring in a huge difference in your look with a basic tee. Because tees are more casual, wearing a statement necklace can give you that perfect look which can be donned at a get together with friends or a simple plan to a coffee shop. It is important to consider the neckline while selecting the necklace. If the tee has a low V-neck, a long chunky pendant will go well with it. For tees that are scoop-necked, shorter and floral statement jewellery which rests above the neckline is the perfect fashion style.

Get Dressed Up With Shoes

Although shoes may be far away from your tee, wearing the right ones can make your basic top elegant and stylish and prevents the outfit from looking lazy. The magic of footwear can make even the simplest of the dress look trendy and of latest fashion. You can select the right pair of shoes with 6th street promo code. The pair can instantly transform the vibes of your looks even if it includes basic t-shirt.

The shoes you select should be in accordance with the rest of the outfit. If you like wearing heels, you can wear them to offset a casual vibe of tees and add in a streamlined finish to your look. Block heel strappy sandals will go well with tees paired with cut-offs. If you are wearing a tight jeans and a tee can be easily laced up with ankle booties to bring in that appeal to your style.

Personalize it

Whether you believe it or not, you can wear your basic tees to formal or professional events. When you have bought a basic tee with 6th street promo code, you can dress it up with wearing a top in neutral colors like black, white or navy. One thing to consider is that the neckline of the tee should not be deep and tuck within fitted dark jeans. You can also cuff jeans and pair the entire outfit with a blazer and pumps.   

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