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Cannot decide between wearing a thong or not? If you’re undecided whether to start wearing thongs regularly or rarely, there is something that you need to know. These top 10 reasons to wear thongs will persuade you by the end for sure!

No more VPL:

Visible panty lines are such a nightmare for every woman. Especially when you wear a pretty bodycon dress, butt-fitted trousers or skirts, your regular panties will definitely create a nuisance called VPL. But with these thongs, say bye-bye to visible panty lines! Thongs will give you a perfectly clean look.

They’re super comfortable:

Thongs are super comfortable. Thongs are made to feel and look as they do. Thongs won’t ride up or cling down. If you are a fan of figure-hugging clothes like tight jeans or leggings then thongs are the best choice for you. As it doesn’t scrunch up like other regular panties, and thus don’t spoil your complete outfit look.

Good partner during workout:

Thongs can be the best choice when you are going to the gym. You definitely don’t want your panties to ride up while working out. Don’t worry as thongs have got your back- in this case, your bottom! Thongs stay in the right place and so there are no visible pantylines under tights and leggings.

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It’s fun to try new stuff:

All of us have been wearing big granny panties since we were little without a care in the world but once we reach our pre-teens, all that changes. Now that there are a lot of varieties available, we like to try new styles like boy shorts, bikini, and thongs. If your mom allows you to wear them, then there are a lot of styles available which you can try.

Makes you look sexy:

Many women think a thong doesn’t look good on them, which is actually not true. Men think wearing a thong makes their loved one look sexy as it flaunts your butt effortlessly. And this can change the look of your entire outfit… for the better! So yay!

More natural look:

As Kendrick LamarLamar said, “Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks”. Guys are fond of natural shapes  rather than fake ones. When you wear other types of underwear, they’ll make your bottom look like it’s fake and shaped differently. So if you want to surprise your man with your natural shape, thongs are a great choice! They won’t make the shape of your bottom look different or fake. It gives you a perfect natural look for sure!

Keeps you cool:

Thongs can be your best bet during summers especially. There is less material covering you up, which means that your body will stay cool on hot days. If you’re planning on working outside with the sun beating down on you, a thong can be the best choice.

Completely seamless:

Generally, the seams in your underwear can start to irritate you if you sit for a long time. When you’re wearing a thong, you don’t have to worry about that. You can sit around all day comfortably without irritation or fear of seams digging into your skin.

No more worrying about vaginal acne:

Acne doesn’t only appear on your face. It can appear on your intimate parts too. If you wear other types of underwear, it can cause friction and can cause break out leading to acne. But with thongs, that won’t happen, so your skin will stay clean and clear down there. Woohoothere. Woohoo!

Space saver:

If you have a wardrobe filled with clothes, you won’t have much space for new items. These thongs are so small that they’ll be easy to fit in any packed drawer. You won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space and cluttering your drawers. So yay it’s pretty perfect for your wardrobe too!

These reasons will definitely convince you to buy a thong which you can easily get at the online stores of Clovia, Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, DaisyDee, and the likes. But,the wide range of options of thongs available at Clovia will spoil you for choices for sure! Try wearing it once and I’m sure you won’t use any other kind of panty anymore!

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