6 Ways to Personalize Your Party Invitations

personalizing your party invitations

If you’re planning a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration, you will be sending out invitations. Have you ever thought about personalizing your party invitations but didn’t know how or where to start?

Handwriting a Signature is one of the Best Ways to Personalize an Event Invitation

If you’re planning an event, you should consider adding a picture of yourself or your party hosts to the invitation. You can use personalized stationery to write a personalized message on each invite.

If you’re planning to handwrite your signature on the event invitation, consider using the services of a company that uses handwritten signatures. This way, you’ll create a personal connection with your guests.

When sending an event email, make sure to consider the tone of the message. You want to be friendly and casual, but at the same time professional. Personalization makes an impersonal medium feel warm and inviting.

Decorate with the Theme for Your Party

Adding personalized themed labels to party invitations makes the process even more special. For example, if you’re sending invitations for a holiday party, you can opt for holiday-themed brands. These labels feature gold stars or snowflakes and trim and brilliant red backdrops.

If you’re sending the invites to friends and family, consider a design with the bride and groom on them. These labels will look beautiful on party invitations.

Add an Illustration

When creating invitations, one of the best ways to add character and interest to your party is to add an illustration. According to Martha Stewart, illustrations are a great way to add color and whimsy to your party.

If you are throwing a summer birthday party, add some fun beach accessories and colors. Little girls love unicorns so a unicorn illustration will be a hit. You can even use a template for a one-year-Old’s birthday party.

Add a Color Filter

Whether you’re sending out party invitations or saving them for display, adding a color filter can help make your design pop. While busy backgrounds make it difficult to read the text, color filters make your text stand out without obscuring the background image.

Adding a color filter is as easy as dragging and dropping a rectangle icon onto the card. Adjust the opacity of the filter to see the background image.

Once you’ve selected a color filter, you can go back to the text box in the Invitations tab to add text and photos. You can also adjust the font color and other specifications. Adding a color filter will help you make your party invitations pop, and your guests will love receiving them. Make your next party even better with a color filter. And don’t forget to print the invites to get the wording right.

Use a Design Tool

If you’d like to make your party invitations unique, using a design tool can help you do just that. You don’t need to invest in expensive design software, and you can customize any design with just a few clicks.

You can import images and edit text. You can customize templates by hand or upload branding to access Smart Templates, automatically customized for your brand. You can add your graphics or choose from various templates, but choosing one can help you save time and effort.

Add an Image Frame

You can add an image frame to your design using the Free Invitations feature. Find your image and click the Camera Icon to edit it. You can also resize and move it around the canvas.

Once you’ve selected a frame size, you can place it anywhere on the design. Here are some other ideas for adding an image frame to your party invitations. You can use different images for different types of invitations.


Once you’ve found the perfect invitation and the ideal font to use, you can continue the invitation customization with a unique handwritten message. Whether it’s a quick note or a longer handwritten update on what’s been going on in their lives, your guests will appreciate the extra touch as they read over their mail. 

While it can be time-consuming, writing a small personal note on each invitation shows your guests that you’re invested in keeping in touch, which they’ll remember long after all of the party decorations have been taken down.