Sway Into Dreamland: 5 Ways To Optimize Sleep In Your Hammock

sway into drealand

If you love fresh air, then the idea of sleeping outdoors is always welcomed. Hence, a hammock always sounds like a great idea. However, if not properly used, it can harm your well-being.

To avoid getting frozen or harassed by bugs, it is vital to understand how to sleep in a hammock and make the most of it. Keep reading to uncover how best to enjoy sleeping in a hammock.

1. Always Prepare In Advance

Understand that the basics of how to sleep in a hammock start with preparing the hammock first. Whenever you go camping, knowing how to set up everything you require is essential. You brought your sleeping bags and hammock, which means that you also need to set it up.

Once you decide to go camping, it is advisable to get to your destination early and set up camp early. You can finally set up the hammock once you are ready at the campsite.

2. Make Sure the Hammock Sags

Note that the hammock needs to actually sag for it to be useful and comfortable. It is vital that you ensure the hammock sags low enough. If it is too rigid, you will find that it wraps around your body too tightly.

It can also constrict your shoulder and make you to arch back uncomfortably. Test the hammock to ensure it is great and has a deep sag since this is the only way to create the comfort needed the whole night. After all, this is safe for people who roll in their sleep as they will not fall out.

3. Always Sleep in a Diagonal Position

Unlike your ordinary traditional bed or a sleeping pad, you will need to sleep in a diagonal position when you are inside the hammock. This makes the deep better and easier for you to sleep even more comfortably.

Moreover, the diagonal position balances the hammock, helping you avoid falls. 

4. Hang the Foot End Higher and Watch Out for Bugs

Note that the body is heavier on the top than towards the legs. Therefore, you must ensure everything happens naturally, so you should always place the foot end higher. In such an arrangement, preventing potential slipping forward when you sleep in the hammock is possible. It happens when the body assumes a position large enough to stabilize the body’s position, especially when it takes advantage of gravity.

Also, prepare for the weather. While predicting the weather is not always easy, you can only hope for better weather.

The last thing you don’t want is to wake up wet because of the weather. Contrary to an ordinary tent, hammocks do not come with a built-in fly. In case you are in a situation where you must camp in unpredictable weather, then you must learn to use the hammock appropriately.

Note that the camping hammock will help keep bugs out, as the best protective hammocks are those that come with a removable or built-in bug mesh. This is the only way to keep the bugs out. The same will happen with leaves and twigs. Invest in a hammock with such pockets, and you will be able to keep off the bugs and twigs.

Select hammocks that come with a removable bug mesh since these are easier to remove and clean. This kind of hammock comes with a lot more flexibility.

5. Keep Warm

Even though tents are good and the best alternative for camping, they may not always be viable in all situations. They become cool on the outside, and this means the inside also gets cold and uncomfortable. However, the cold is sealed out for hammocks since you are tightly fitted inside the hammock.

You have a better chance of getting through a wet period with so much ease. The same can also work for extreme hot weather. Since the hammock is well-aired, it has the potential to keep you cool even when the weather is extremely hot outside.

Overall, the hammock is your best chance to survive both extreme cold or hot weather. When things get too cold, adding a sleeping bag in your hammock is always a better idea. This adds extra warmth that can get you through the night with ease.

Final Thought

Hammocks are a great way to get through a cold or hot camping night. However, you need to choose the right hammock and ensure it has the right depth to stay comfortable all night. It is vital to ensure that the hammock is properly set before you actually use it.

Also, pick the right size of hammock for one person and ensure it is well padded or perforated to match the need based on the weather.

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