accessories can stand out
accessories can stand out

Perhaps, American sportswear designer Michael Kors said it best about the value of wearing accessories as being “the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” How true, and you have tons of gorgeous options in completing your ensemble. The right accessories can elevate your look from head to toe, and our savvy fashion experts have some clever ways to make your accessories stand out.

1. Chic Sunglasses

This accessory may seem so simple to most, but a super pair of shades always looks cool and allows whoever is behind them to appear self-confident and chic. Just look at Jennifer Lopez. Talk about a glamorous woman; she always rocks the perfect pair of sunnies whenever she heads out. A pair of aviator frames seem to be her go-to style.

That’s the first step. Find a pair of sunglasses that looks gorgeous on you, and by the style in a few different colors to have on hand.

2. Layered Pieces

Another way that your accessories can stand out and add interest to your outfit is through layered pieces. You can get creative by playing with texture and your silhouette.

For instance, a shawl or long scarf is an excellent layering accessory, and it’s the kind of item that comes in a wide variety of fabrics. Try one in a cozy knit, and wrap it around your neck and shoulders. It will put the spotlight on you.

3. Unique Jewelry

Let’s be totally honest. People notice and admire great-looking jewelry, especially if it is something distinctive that looks pretty against your skin, has a special design, or has colors that really flatter.

Jewelry is personal, and you can make a signature jewelry style that others know you by. Maybe it’s an armful of bracelets, gorgeous earrings, or unique pieces of jewelry made from photos. All of these are subtle ways to compliment your entire look while expressing yourself.

4. Fancy Footwear

We all have ideas of the perfect pair of boots, shoes, sandals, sneakers, and any other footwear that looks great on our figures. Yes, footwear plays a major role whenever you head out the door and can make or break an outfit.

People not only notice your jewelry, but they also take a look at your shoes, so you want to be sure that your footwear is clean, cool, and ready to go.

Footwear can create flattering proportions, so choose carefully, and have some fun.

Here’s a great and unusual tip: Match your hair color with your shoes, and bookend the look. No, you don’t have to do it every time, but it is an interesting head-to-toe symmetry.

You can also allow your shoes to stand out with color. Wear a pair of red shoes with a neutral such as a gray dress, and watch the statement this combination creates.

Printed shoes are another amazing way to enhance your ensemble and to let your feet do the talking.

5. Colorful Clutch

The clutch handbag is all the rage this season, and it’s easy to see why.

This timeless handbag is simple, convenient, and looks great with jeans for formal wear. Most of us tuck them under our arms or hold them in our hands.

Get this; the design house of Saint Laurent came up with a clever way to show off your pretty clutch bag and to keep your hands free. That’s right, and it’s easy to do.

Just shove your clutch right into your pants’ waistband off to the side. It looks hip with half of it sticking out. That’s how the models were “carrying” the clutch bag at Paris Fashion Week.

Choose a clutch in a bright pop of color, and your ensemble will stand out, and no, you don’t have to stuff the bag in your pants.

Where would we be without our fashion accessories, right? Often, the right jewelry, footwear, sunglasses, hat, or handbag can add beautiful interest to an outfit and are immediately noticed. Accessories allow each of us to express our signature style and get more mileage out of our wardrobe. Have fun!

By Anurag Rathod

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