Ways to Look Slim in Salwar Kameez

black shalwar kameez

There are several styles of Salwar kameez many varieties and there are a lot of people with different body structure and looking perfect matters. Do look for your body size and mostly do not overwhelm your body with several heavy clothes if you have a heavy body then.

1 Watch for length:

The length of the Kameez (tunic/top) must be suitable to your height. Tall height women have Long length kameez for looking good but not with typical black salwar like Patiala Afghani and a Salwar. For a long kameez, mostly use trouser style salwars, palazzos, and parallels. Remember that the right length of the kameez is extend below 2-3 inch the knees, and if you aren’t taking a good height then better skip long kameez it will make you look shorter.

black shalwar kameez

2. Choose the best fabric:

You can display your curves with that dress or either shows your fat of sobriety. The selection is in your hand Light fabrics will help out to get the smart look and thus, good. Avoid net and tissue if you have a weighty body because they look heavy and are a fluffy fabric that may look larger while you wear. If you are very thin or skinny, do not use fabrics like chiffon and georgette as they stick to your body and make you look smarter which is not at all good choice. So, the basic rule to be noted is to select the fabrics according to your body type.

3. Length of Sleeves:

Do you think While long sleeves are in style these days, you must still give time of attention to the length of the sleeves you wear? Do not go for sleeveless Kameez if your arms are looking more fat then a normal it will look kind of fool but if you are happy in it “that’s beyond perfect”. But Full-length sleeves would really good for uh you to make those flabby arms look more toned. If your arms are really thin, try different styles on your sleeves like frilled or flower design r patches even. 

4. Choose the best color:

Using Dark colors like blue, maroon and green help you look slighter and smart if you use white or cream tone. But don’t choose for extra dark colors if you have a dark skin tone Light colors like aqua, peach and soft green look really attractive on slim women with fair complexion.

5. Choose the right style:

There are a many designs of Salwar Kameez available in the market these days like A-line patterned suits, irregular types, and Chinese tassels type and so on. Pick the best one that would suitable according to your body type. What’s trendy and particular in market might not make you look decent as good as others do but yes you can try out your style. So, take your time and study what’s good for you and what’s not.

6. Match your skin tone: 

Follow some lines from point 4. It’s not the intelligence to wear colors that don’t balance your skin tone. Very bright shades like sunny yellow fuschia pink look amazing on women with fair skin but they may not look that great on a woman with dark or chocolaty complexion. Similarly, dull colors on a fair skin wouldn’t be a wonderful effect as wearing. So, think twice and select and then choose. 

7. Put quality over quantity: 

It’s basic information that low-quality fabrics don’t provide them enough amounts of shine and style to or comfort to your clothing still it’s up to you how you can accomplish. This is a reason because the fabric is available in several varieties and types have a different thickness that affects its price. And getting the best for you is dull. And looking the slim as possible in what you wear is necessity thing you can do .so choose accordingly, make your selection to be right and flaunt your kameez and setting up black salwar Kameez.

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