21 ways to help you sleep better in 2021

sleep better ways

We are in the 21st year of the 21st century as you read through this blog, imagine. Survival of the fittest, and all that jazz, right? Whoever survives the test of time and manages to remain against all the odds wins. Well, kudos to our ancestors and forefathers. But now the responsibility lies on our shoulders, we must pass on the fighting genes to our children.

But how so? I mean things are not exactly rosy gold at the moment. With Covid-19 and a bunch of conspiracy theories battling it out against us, we aren’t really at the best of advantages. But worry not, we have got your back.

Sleep! The most important weapon of them all

sleep better ways

Okay, let us explain. A well-rested mind and a calm body need to be your first line of defense against all odds. When you have had a good 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep, it will help you to think clearly. Unhindered thinking will lead you to mark your battles and plan your strategies in the best possible manner.

They say that a happy wife equals happy life. But what they don’t tell you is that the secret to a happy wife, AND a happy life is good sleep. You get to be more focused, more attentive, chirpier, and more contributing towards the ultimate benefit of society.

How to get the dream sleep?

Well, now that we have established the sleep supremacy notion, it is now time to discuss how to get your hands (rather a mind) on the concept. From getting the best sleeping pills around the crib, to a guide on how to buy sleeping pills UK in 2021, we will go through it all. Step by step, and as an ode or rather farewell to 2021, we’d do it 21 times over.

But before we delve into the world of secrets, we must establish the sanctity of being truthful to ourselves. Before initiating any project, even if it is as personal as getting (treating) yourself to sleep better, you must ask yourself, why am I doing this? Is it important for me, or is there an ulterior motive involved? Go through the process, and then begin.

  1. Setting your mind to your goal. Convince yourself completely that this is what you truly want. Once you do that, you will automatically start to adjust your lifestyle, and achieve your dream sleep as soon as possible.
  2. Create the environment for it. All your internal and external factors must be aligned, and in tune to sleep better than before. You know your body the best. Set the mood according to what you like. Soft music, gentle ambiance, dreamy atmosphere, a good bed, do whatever it takes.
  3. Hydration is key. Though this might be seen as insignificant a well-hydrated body will allow you to relax much better as compared to if you are feeling thirsty. But be careful that you don’t end up drinking too much.
  4. Destress your mind and body. Now this is a tricky one, relieving yourself of all kinds of pressure can take time and effort, so you might need a bit of practice for the cause.
  5. Gadgets are a big no, no. Though it is easier said than done, digital appliances are the biggest distraction of them all. Set your screen time far apart from your sleep time and thank us later.
  6. Manifest good sleep. From reading about it to talking about it to making the effort, do it all.
  7. Buy sleeping pills in the UK if required. Do not be ashamed about it. If medications help, then so be it, let them help. There is a variety of sleeping tablets available online, as well as the best over-the-counter sleep aid, avail them.
  8. Mediate. Though it is a cliché, honestly, we can vouch for its effectiveness. Calming down your mind and aligning your chakras can be so fruitful. Not only to achieve good sleep but otherwise too.
  9. Have a good time routine. Do what calms you down. Use a stress ball, listen to music, go through a book, talk to a loved one, do your skincare.
  10. Listen to ASMR. This is a matter of personal preference, and some people find it annoying too, but auto sensory meridian response ASMR has been categorized as a pleasant form of paresthesia that helps in calming down stressed nerves.
  11. Get a massage. Unknotting the build-up stress in your muscles can be a real sleep-inducing method.
  12. Do not have a bloated belly or consume too much caffeine before you attempt to sleep. Studies reveal that all these factors largely contribute towards causing disturbed sleep.
  13. Know the temperature that causes you to snooze. Whether you like a warm bed, or you are one on the cool pillow gang, know it, and then get the exact temperature requirement fulfilled.
  14. Well, this is kind of in the shadows but wear a comfortable set. It might be your birth suit even, whatever makes you go ‘ZZZ’ go for it.
  15. Listen to your body. We can’t stress this enough but know what your body’s sleep-wake preferences are.
  16. Focus on your health. A healthy body will automatically prefer good sleep.
  17. Know what works for you. If you are on any kind of regimen, this goes particularly for that.
  18. Deal with your devils. Talk to your loved ones, or a professional, don’t carry emotional baggage.
  19. Buy sleeping pills in the UK for the best possible sleep medication for you.
  20. Try not to overthink while you are in bed. It is time to relax, not worry.
  21. Attempt to finish pending tasks beforehand, so nothing clogs your mind while you are at it.

Happy sleeping you all!

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