Ways of wearing Kundan Maang Tikka in Different Styles

Kundan Maang Tikka

The Kundan maang tikka, also known as maatha Patti in some regions, is one of the most famous pieces of jewellery at wedding ceremonies or formal events. A maang tikka undoubtedly adds glamour and sophistication to your look and enhance your attractiveness as well, whether you’re a bride to be, a wife, or anyone else. There are so many different maang tikkas variations and different ways of wearing them, but the selection of perfect maang tikka is quite tough. If you’re also confused about what kind of maang tikka you should wear, then don’t worry at all because you’ll find all the different types of maang tikka here.

Such suggestions, tips, and advice, of course, will help you make the final decision and help you find a simple way to wear and can your personality. One of the most common misunderstandings regarding maang tikkas is that they are just some sort of bridal ornamentation. That’s not real, and if you’re planning a wedding party or a fabulous event, maang tikkas will help improve your appearance. Even stars from Bollywood are going for it nowadays, so why not you?

Some tips for different types of faces to wear Maang Tikka

Round face cut

For a round-shaped face, consider choosing a shorter, preferably oval or rectangular form of maang tikka. This will allow your face to be lengthened. Ignore round and circular shapes and other Kundan jewellery pieces you choose in your maang tikka.

Oval face cut

If your face is oval-shaped, consider yourself lucky because most make-up artists agree this is the best style for the eye. You can play with almost any kind of oval-faced maang tikka. But try to avoid too long maang tikka, because they add an excessive length to your head.

Rectangular face cut

You need to avoid any square or rectangular maang tikkas. Small or large circular suspenders are probably the best option for such a face cut.

Heart-shaped face cut

Nonetheless, avoid going for smaller maang tikkas or pendants. For the bride, as well as her sisters and closest female friends, we understand how vital the accessory part is. So we’re giving you the best models this year for maang tikka and matha Patti. This traditional jewellery piece is one of the most common accessories for women to accentuate their forehead at any wedding. Be the wife of the bride’s sister or relative, the maang tikka or Maatha Patti compliment your necklace and bangles and is essential to the perfect wedding dress.

There was a resurgence of ancient traditions when it comes to bridal and wedding wear patterns as well as accessories, reminiscent of the glory of the Mughal queens and princesses. In the centre of the hair, mostly, a Maang Tikka is styled, but in the last year, you can find a wide range of ways to wear a Maang tikka, as women braced up the look with more creative ways of wearing it. Look at these fascinating traditional Maang tikka designs and styles and choose the one that best suits your personality. We have classified them according to your face type for your convenience.

1. Pendant style with One Tier

The pendant style maang tikka with single-tier matha Patti is one of the biggest trends. This delicacy of form gives the bride an enteric feel. An excellent option for those who are looking for a minimalist design, which these days are also perfect. Another plus point is that it can complement a facial structure of any kind.

2. Multi-layered maang tikka

With the variety of models, this amazingly beautiful maang tikka is in fashion trends this year. Attached to maang tikka, the additional layers of maatha Patti add to its charm and at the same time, do not make it look heavy on the forehead. Women can embrace this look with a round face and a broad chest.

3. Pendant style

This all-time popular style is still commonly worn with improvements in its designs this year as well. To customize the theme, one can add Kundan to pearl stones, and all look elegant. Modern models can also be imitated to adhere to the traditional. Looks bright on all forms of eyes.

4. Chandelier style

The theme of the chandelier is an ancient one, but this year most of the women has chosen a bolder look with maang tikka. Surprisingly, in Western countries, it is also in vogue where people want to pair it with their Western outfit for a statement of style. One can select over it a mix of pearl and rubies, each making an incredibly heavenly appearance. Beware, this piece of ornament would only fit well on a broad front, and a round face as this tikka maang is vast and can hang on a smaller front.

For every face-type, there’s a Maang Tikka, choose one your heart wants; we’re sure you’re going to rock anyway!

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