Six Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

water heater installation san diego
water heater installation san diego

The water heater is a must-have for every home in America. The water heater’s life needs to be replaced or serviced every six to twelve months. It can also be advantageous to upgrade to more energy-efficient heaters to reduce costs. While if you are a DIY type of person who likes to do most of the home projects on your own, then the idea of Water Heater Installation San Diego might not be a daunting one. However, there are several opportunities for water heater installation mistakes for those who don’t have the proper skills or expertise to do the perfect job. However, replacing water heaters or buying a new one can be stressful because installation mistakes can lead to repair costs down the line. This article helps reduce stress because it contains 6 common water heater installation mistakes and tells you how to avoid them.

Improper Installation Of Relief Valve:

In standard water heaters, it is a safety feature that helps control the temperature and pressure. So it is very important to install it properly. Otherwise, the tank will most probably explode. Anything or anyone within a few feet will be drenched in scalding water. Usually, the relief valve is installed about 6″ above the floor and located at the side of the water tank to let it automatically open and relieve the pressure within the tank. For more safety, it is good to attach a threaded drain tube to the valve’s outlet. Securely divert the discharge away from the water tank.

Choose Wrong Metal Connections:

Most people don’t understand why the incompatible metal connection is so bad. The major reason is that when you join incompatible metals in just one connection, you have a joint that has a high risk of failing that causes acceleration of corrosion which is not good. So, if you have copper water pipes, it is better to use copper connectors or, at the very least, brass connectors that are compatible with copper. For instance, if you use galvanized steel nipples with copper pipes, it will create a dielectric union fitting caused by the 2 incompatible types of metals. Moreover, this will also result in expensive and extensive water damage to your property. Therefore, if you are stuck with incompatible metal connections, ensure you utilize a dielectric connection.

Selecting the Wrong Capacity:

There are many different capacities available for water heaters, from very big to very small, to fit a huge variety of household needs. People make mistakes when they replace Water Heater Installation San Diego by choosing the capacity that doesn’t match your family’s needs. The capacity is often very small for your home, which causes the running out of water. Therefore, choosing the right capacity is a very important task to do.

Ignore Standard Safety Precautions:

Common Water Heater Installation San Diego mistakes. People commonly neglect the important safety precautions. The tendency to dry fire the tank is an example of it. The water tank to be filled is the practice. The danger in doing this is you are putting the electric heating elements at risk of burnout. So, if you have a gas-fired water heater, then dry firing the tank can cause it to crack. To avoid this situation, open the water faucets in the home and wait for uninterrupted water flow before starting the tank. 

Another safety precaution that is mostly neglected is failing to secure the water heater after being installed properly. A tank that is not strapped into the framing securely can tip over or fall, especially during earthquakes or other major accidents. Therefore, it is good to make sure that you secure your water heater in place and don’t assume that it won’t get knocked over.

Problems with the Drain Line:

When the temperature becomes so high, or there is too much pressure in your water heater, it removes water because the TRP valve releases it. Therefore when you do the job of Water Heater Installation San Diego, you need to attach a drain line to the TRP valve to regulate the water direction. Attaching a drain line to a drainpipe is one of the most common mistakes in water heater installation. 

It can cause contaminated water to backflow into the water heater, damaging your health. You can also let your drain line at the ground, especially if your water heater is off. Remember that it can be dangerous because the water heater will drain it at random times, and if you are near the hot water when it rains, you can be severely burned. So, if you want to avoid these mistakes, have your drain line lead to an open floor drain and have it long enough so it can prevent splashing, burns, and contamination.

Fail To Follow Installation Instructions:

Instruction guides and building codes are available with every water heater unit, which help to protect your home and family. So, before starting the Water Heater Installation San Diego project, carefully read all the instructions and take some notes on which tools are required for installation. 

If you miss any single step, such as strapping down the water heater, it leads to destroys flooding. However, floods encourage hazardous molds to grow in your house that eats porous materials such as drywall. In many countries, you need a proper water heater installation permit which ensures the installer follows all the essential safety and building codes. 


For most people, installing water heaters themselves is not a good idea. The water heater is precious and uses flammable gas, high temperatures, and an open flame. The production of combustible gases like deadly carbon monoxide is always a possibility. Therefore, it is very important; that the installation be done by someone professional, qualified, and careful. Of course, suppose you want to perform the job of Water Heater Installation San Diego themselves. In that case, you need to be well aware of the common water heater installation mistakes. The above-discussed points will help you in many ways.