5 Tips & Ways How to Wash Your Heavy Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Kurti

Modern-day ladies wear Anarkali kurtis to social events such as festivals, receptions, and other formal gatherings. In today’s time, Anarkali kurtis are prevalent in various cuts and materials. These suits have developed into essential pieces of clothing. An Anarkali is a heavy dress with zardozi or sequin work, and it is necessary to prevent the wear and tear of the fabric. 

Following are the tips to preserve ethnic apparel and flaunt it when any festive season approaches-

  1. Wash with care. One thing you should never forget while washing an Anarkali suit is that you should wash it inside out. It is essential to wash your white clothes separately from those that are black or coloured so that one is not left with coloured stains on the apparel. Usually, one can see ‘dry clean only’ written on the back of the ethnic apparel. It is essential to choose a reputable dry cleaning provider. They see to it that the garments are not damaged, or their lustre retains itself. 
  1. Dry the anarkali kurtis right. A critical piece of advice for keeping the Anarkali suit in good condition is to avoid squeezing the material when drying. These heavily embellished garments should not be left hanging with water pouring from them. You should lay this traditional wear flat to dry on a neutral surface. It is crucial to avoid ethnic attire under heat waves as direct exposure to these waves will damage it. It is advisable to dry these Anarkali kurtis in the shade. Before storing these back in the wardrobe, ensure they are scorched. 
  1. Iron your ethnic wear properly. When you iron your Anarkali suit, boil the water you use for ironing. It is also essential to turn the ethnic wear inside out to prevent damaging the embellishments. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat when you iron your Anarkali, like an ironing board with aluminum foil. Avoid ironing the Anarkali when it is dirty or unwashed. When you iron dirty clothes, their stains will become very sturdy, and then they are unlikely to come off, and the heat will also make the stain permanent. You should dampen the fabric before ironing it and set the temperature to low or medium, and then iron from top to bottom.
  1. Store the Anarkali suits the right way. Store your suit appropriately after following all the steps of cleaning and drying. You should keep these clothes in a dry, clean and dark environment. Anarkali kurtis have delicate work on them, and to retain the newness of this suit, you should keep these suits in plastic zipper bags. It is also advisable to use mothballs or neem leaves to keep insects from ruining your clothes.
  1. How can you revive damaged traditional Indian dresses? If your Anarkali suit has loose threads, buttons or stitches, you should fix them immediately. You should practically keep this in mind if you want to keep your garment in the best condition.

If the stitching of these suits from the seams wears off, it is important to get the lining repaired before you don the outfit again.