Effective Ideas To Use Visual Ugc For Ecommerce Marketing

Use Visual Ugc For Ecommerce Marketing

With time, people have shown an inclination toward others’ honest recommendations and feedback rather than brand self-promotion. Today customers look for opportunities to become a part of their favorite brands.

You can give your buyers what they want through your e-commerce website by integrating UGC.

Now you might think that it is that easy but brands still have problems with this approach.

But don’t worry about anything. This blog will help you and get you a better understanding of which strategy will work wonders for your brand.

Visual UGC and its impacts? e-commerce marketing?

When the customers of a brand create and upload content based on their experience in form of pictures, videos and review etcetera, it is User-generated content. This content is unique and engaging.

Many brands incorporate this in their marketing strategy as it builds trust among the clientele and according to statistics, 70% of customers value transparency when it comes to investing in the brand. This approach is user-centric and cost-effective and thus beneficial for brands.

What attracts people more is the fact that this content is more relatable and helps the viewers in better product visualizing on themselves.  

Benefits of adding UGC in ecommerce marketing

Visual UGC helps in evoking emotions and instills excitement in people.

Keep reading to learn more about the plus points of incorporating user-generated content into your marketing strategy plan

1. Showcases product in action

Customers make impactful content. This creates reliability among viewers over brand content. They post their own pictures and videos which make it more relatable to people.

Usually brands hire models so everything is pre-shot and scripted, whereas the raw and unfiltered nature of UGC acts as a game changer. It has the power to influence potential customers and their purchase decisions. As they teach and help people on the real-life use of the product.

2. Builds trust and creates credibility

Trust is built up in the mind of potential customers and new visitors when they find user-generated content on the brand’s e-commerce webpage as it is genuine.

People have more faith in what other customers have to say and how their experience was instead of what the brand puts out itself. As a brand, you create credibility while displaying customers’ pictures and videos on your e-commerce website.

3. Social Commerce

Apart from attracting more and more customers and building trust in them; showcasing UGC on your eCommerce website also spreads your brand name in the market. By doing so you put social proof and increase user engagement. Social Commerce Platforms help businesses reach more customers and increase their brand awareness.

You can boost revenue and drive growth by turning this user-generated content into shoppable galleries. This way, you can create a frictionless shopping experience for your customers.

4. Higher conversion rate

All these advantages lead up to this point in the end, escalating your sales and revenue. The statistics show that 53% of young customers get influenced by the content created by existing customers.

UGC in form of reviews, pictures, videos, or testimonials, can help you bring that level of curiosity to your clientele to boost sales. This is an all-in-one marketing strategy that attracts more, increases interaction, helps in better engagement, and influences purchase decisions.

  • Social Wall

A social wall in ecommerce marketing can help increase social engagement and improve trust and credibility. By displaying user-generated content from social media platforms, it encourages shoppers to engage with the brand and share their experiences. This builds trust and credibility as potential customers see real-life examples of others using and enjoying the product or service.

Ideas to use UGC in your ecommerce marketing?

You must be thinking about how to integrate and execute UGC on your e-commerce platform.

1. Start hashtag campaign  

This is one of the most important strategies as it fastens your ecommerce marketing. Brands can take advantage of this by creating brand awareness as well as increased engagement.

These campaigns give social proof to your brand. You can collect all the content and curate a feed and then display it on the your-commerce website. This can further be given a separate column and named Shop the Look.

2. Offer on-site feedbacks

UGC is created by customers to help and guide other people as it is honest and genuine. Now feedback is given by customers in the form of feedback on how their shopping experience was and a review of the product. Business can take instagram feed to shopify and increase brand awareness for customers.

As a brand, you can make time spent more convenient as they get to check out the product with just one click or scroll on your website.

3. Hosts events

Although as easy as it sounds, getting your customers to create and post content online can be a hectic and time-consuming process. But what better way to give them started other than organizing an event?

You can also make a specific hashtag just for this event and ask your attendees to use that for promoting the brand. This helps in taking all the buzz to a wider audience and getting more guests. Visitors then post appealing photos and videos that can also be displayed on a big screen in the event itself, creating more fun in them.

4. Incentivize

The best way to get your customers to make and upload content about your brand is by offering them something in return. This can be easily done through hosting giveaways for all those who take part in the process. This inspires them along with igniting fun in them.

Collaboration with users is helpful and can bring such contests to a whole another level. Strategically this will not only generate brand awareness but also increase potential customer interaction.

Brand example

Eureka street furniture

This brand hit a block point when it wanted to inspire its online customers by delivering imagination. Eureka has been selling furniture and selling furnishing services in the market.

The brand employed its user-generated content to provide its customers with a better visualization. Not only this, but this also helped them to take their sales higher and build trust.  

Final word

UGC is the best marketing tool that is there in the market with so many benefits. Integrating it can take your brand to a worldwide audience and it is cost-effective.

Customers today need authentic and reliable information that can be delivered to them by employing visual content created by users in your ecommerce marketing plan.

It is not as simple as it looks, but with these ideas and strategies, you can make the most out of this and get your consumers to spread the word about you.