An Introductory Guide to Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality in a Nutshell

Do you ever wish to go to Mars or swim underwater with dolphins all around you? Have you thought about the experience you’ll get up on the sky surrounded by the clouds? Well, virtual reality is the key that can make you experience all of these while sitting at home. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of virtual reality just like an online dissertation help would do.

What’s a Virtual World?

A virtual world is a 3D environment which one can experience through some medium (display, touch or feel) where a person can interact and make virtual things as a part of reality.

virtual reality

As the field of technology is growing day by day, virtual reality has emerged as a life-changing experience. It can convince one’s mind to be present somewhere where he is actually not. Simply put, virtual reality has to tend to make a human mind experience anything, anywhere and anytime. It creates an interactive environment with the help of computer processes where simulations can give real-world effect. Using high-performance processors and sensory equipment like gloves, goggles, and headset, virtual reality has the ability to simulate real-life scenarios.

Jumping forward to present times, virtual reality comes in use in a number of fields, from sports to architecture, entertainment to medicine, architecture to the military. It has become a common but fascinating technology.

Working Methodology of Virtual Reality

Let’s dig down to see how virtual reality actually work? An online dissertation help, if approached can come up with an equally thorough viewpoint. The primary objective of VR is to create a virtual environment where a person gets to experience a 3D environment that gives the feeling of reality.

The simulation requires the use of many of our senses including hearing, touch, visualize and many others. To experience these simulations, sensory feedback is an important factor which is achieved through integrated hardware and software. Hardware would include HMD (Head Mounted Displays), special gloves, goggles, etc. The headset design to have a screen in front of a user’s eye (one for each eye) that cuts them off completely from the real world. A computer or cell phone provides the data through HDMI cable of the visuals seen on the screen. The lenses adjust in a way that they focus on and reform the image to produce a stereoscopic 3D picture.


The major requirements for creating completely immersive VR are frame rate, FOV (Field of view) and refresh rate. Frame rate, the rate of processing one image per second, should be 60fps whereas the refresh rate is the frequency at which images display and then rendered. Field of view, the maximum capability to support eye and head movement, must be 100 degrees. The amalgamation of all incorrect proportion can provide the best experience. These prerequisites must be set to standard so that the users should not face latency.

Well, the science behind all of this is that it should all come naturally. The interaction element should provide enough comfort for a person that a user can’t distinguish if they are in their virtual world or real world. This feeling can be only be achieved when the virtual environment is extremely responsive and quick. In case you want any online dissertation help regarding working methods of virtual reality, you would find their responses extremely useful.

Are you interested in getting an insight into how virtual reality deal with the head, motion, and eye-tracking? Well, let’s get a closer look at each of them.

Head Tracking

Ever wondered how does an image shifts as your head changes its direction? Virtual Reality uses a system called six degrees of freedom (6DoF). It plots a person’s head in X, Y, and Z-axis. This system measure head movements up, down, forward-backward, sideways and shoulder to shoulder. Head tracking makes use of few essential internal components like magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer, etc. If asked to get a detailed essay on the tracking options in virtual reality, online dissertation help will offer extensive valuable work.

Motion Tracking

How does a headset track your hands if you look down to see them? Yes, it is through motion tracking which helps track hand movements with the help of infrared sensors. One of the famous motion tracking technology is Oculus touch. It is especially there to get the experience of using your hands in the virtual world. The user holds two controllers in each of his hand and with the help of joysticks and button, virtual reality games can be enjoyed. The sensors integrated into each of the controller help detect gestures like shaking, waving and pointing.

Eye Tracking

FOVE Virtual Reality headset offers a promising eye-tracking feature. Just motion tracking, it uses infrared sensors that track your eye movements inside the headset. High-resolution displays require in headset in order to get a real image of what our eyes are focusing.

Different types of virtual reality devices:

A number of renowned names like Google, Facebook, etc. are spending much on virtual reality equipment. Most of the VR systems require a PC to power them on and also an HMD to create the virtual display. Many of the researchers and writers available online dissertation help would definitely provide a number of devices that a virtual reality system use.

  • Oculus Rift: Let us start with the famous and top of the price list, Oculus Rift. In addition to promising best results for video gaming, Oculus Rift has a high FOV which result in the best outcome in immersive VR experience.
  • Google Cardboard: Google Cardboard, one of the easiest and comparatively cheaper HMD, is the good option you can use with your phone. Simply place your phone in its slot and complete virtual reality applications explore.
  • Samsung Gear VR: Just like Oculus Samsung Gear is another VR headset by Samsung. A smart phone (preferably Samsung phones)  require to power it on and it’s all ready to use.
  • HTC Vive:  Specifically designed to provide an immersive gaming environment, HTC Vive is one innovative piece of virtual reality device.

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