Virtual Reality (VR) & Live Streaming – The Growing Trends For Corporate Events

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In the current age of digitalization, not only small businesses but big organizations are even inclining towards the digital methods, to expand and reach horizons. Nowadays, it has become a tough task for businesses to engage employees together or to entertain them at a corporate event.

Organizations started opting for Live streaming services for corporate events or to broadcast a message within an organization. It helps them to reach all the employees at a single point of time and attract influential clients that help in expanding their business further. It has been observed that people prioritize attending events that are unique and memorable.

There are so many corporate events happening in the world, corporate events live streaming help organizations to create a niche for themselves. Gone are the days when live streaming seems to be premium, now every other business is streaming live in order to attract more attendees.

Live streaming has expanded since the past few years and is a big name now. A recent survey conducted reports that more than 95% of event organizers are planning to opt for live streaming services for corporate events in 2019.

When we look around corporate events today, it won’t be wrong if we call them virtual reality events. Engaging the physically present guests and employees at any event is a must. Mixed reality photo booths have been trending in the current age and helping various businesses. There is no doubt that Virtual reality and live streaming have taken over corporate events completely.

It allows organizations to conduct conference meetings and add the element of fun in the event. It helps in evoking audience interest, share brand presence on social media and so on. Live streaming and mixed reality are trending at present and showcasing its powerful impact on corporate events. There is no doubt that virtual reality and live streaming are in the recent trend.

How Live Streaming and Virtual Reality (VR) Help Any Business And Organization:

Let’s have a look at how live streaming and Virtual reality (VR) help any business or an organization:

1. Business conferences/ meetings/notifications are carried by live webcasting

When an organization is big it is nearly impossible to collect all the employees from various locations at a single point of time. Some are stuck due to work emergency or some are not available in the town. Live streaming helps an organization to broadcast a message, which reaches all the employees at the same time. It allows employees who are not present at the moment to view the stream later on and get notified about the important notifications. Corporate web conferencing allows exchanging business ideas by sitting at own place, saving you from the hassle of traveling.

2. Corporate events can scale up with live streaming solutions

An event is conducted by any organization to boost employee interaction and evoke fun. Every organization in the current era is moving towards corporate events webcasting solutions, to get a pan presence on social media and reach people around the globe. Corporate events live streaming reaches millions worldwide, and allow event videos to be posted on social media for promoting the business or a brand. It helps in boosting audience engagement and event popularity. “More engaging audience is equal to a hit event”, Businesses can generate more revenue and have a stronger impact on the strategic marketing dynamics. Live streaming services for corporate events has been a hit in the past few years and will notch higher with its significant presence in the coming years.

3. Allows to launch a product or service

In this era of digitalization, if a company wants to launch any product or service, live streaming solutions are to be looked upon. It allows the business to expand its reach by reaching millions of active users around the globe. It not only allows the remote attendees to know about the product but also make it accessible to potential customers who are not physically present at an event. When a product launch is live-streamed, it gains its social media presence since the beginning, and in no time it gains immense popularity.

4. AR-VR technology in corporate events

Boosting audience interaction and engaging the employees is a must for a successful event. A recent survey reports that virtual reality can help any event to be in the headlines. It enhances audience interactions and brings them a step closer to real-world experiences. It can also be live-streamed to boost online interactions. Mixed reality allows guests at an event to have fun and explore the endless possibilities where the sky is the limit. Virtual reality has changed the complete dynamics of corporate events. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can help any business to organize a successful event. It expands the possibilities for events and business meetings, to conquer the business world.

The current trends in corporate events revolve around live streaming and the usage of AR (Augmented reality) VR (virtual reality) technologies. It has been anticipated that it will surely impact the future dynamics of corporate events with each passing year. It is here to stay and grow even more. 

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