Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event

virtual events

Some virtual social event ideas to engage your audience

Cocktail or cooking class

People enjoy virtual cooking and cocktail classes. It is a lovely social option.  Here you only need to find out a good cook and join in their cooking class. In this pandemic hit, No one can go out and attend cooking classes.  By following a cooking class, you get an opportunity to virtual meet up with other attendees. It allows you to learn some new recipes from the comfort of your home.

Virtual trivia night

Virtual trivia refers to an ideal game night option. The game is easy to play online.  Here you have to go through a competition, and you know a healthy competition is always fun. In virtual trivia, people can show their general knowledge. All attendees come up with a theme to set the background of the event. It is fascinating to play. Here all online participants are divided into the team. The dashboard shows you belong to which group and which team is your competitor team.

virtual events

Suppose you are naïve in the field of virtual events. In that case, there will be some professionals to arrange trivia games and are highly experienced at hosting the virtual game by inviting potential attendees.

Team movie night

In this pandemic situation, movie night is just a dream, but you can enjoy it virtually. In virtual team movie night, you and other attendees have to vote on a selection of movies and watch them together with the same film at the same time. Even your partners are not physically present together, but watching a movie simultaneously online brings the feeling of team movie night.

Now you have to maintain social distancing. So, going out and gather in the cinema hall is not safe for anyone. So, you can arrange team movie night to avoid loneliness.  Here you and all other team members have to join a conference call to stream the movie.

Some virtual find raising event ideas:

Hashtag donation camp

It is the most popular fundraising virtual event. Apply this concept to show that all kind of donations ranging from very small to large is matter. It is an online event where you inspire participants to join you in donating something. The value does not matter, but your issues of participation.  Helping needy people gives you mental satisfaction and eternal happiness. After donating your choice, use an appropriate hashtag to challenge other attendees to do the same.

It is a virtual challenge and difficult to ignore when someone invites you. You can use the mobile application to encourage and appreciate people to attend this virtual event.

Social media challenges

Now social media challenges have to gain immense acceptance. Challenges are generally thrown on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube. It works efficiently when it comes to building brand awareness and fundraising. All the social media challenges can be performed virtually. It is just like a game; people used to enjoy this kind of event on lockdown days. You can participate and encourage others to involve and share with other members.

Ice bucket challenge is an example of a social media challenge that has become viral & earn money for ALS. Teenagers and adults spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms and eager to participate in different types of challenges.

Video game challenges

The videogame is the old concept of the indoor game. After the covid-19 pandemic, teenagers and students enjoy their leisure with video games. However, video game challenges also a trendy virtual event people love to participate in. Some online video game offers earning opportunities. As video games are solely held online, they are appropriate for fundraising activities.  Choose a game that fits other people and encourage them to play.

Virtual gala party

Galas are a common fundraising virtual approach, and they can be taken as virtual events. Invite attendees to join and offer a keynote presentation while sharing a virtual meal.  It is a virtual opportunity to get dressed up, though they are not leaving their home. It is an in-house enjoyment with other members to refresh your mood. If possible try to give a treat like chicken dinner, or a bottle of drink to appreciate their participation

Some virtual networking event ideas:

Gamify connection

Adding gamification is a great way to engage people virtually. It is the best virtual networking event. This kind of event encourages audience interaction and makes the event more enjoyable.

Recommendation of AI-generated connection

Virtual networking is a challenging aspect to establish. The AI-Generated recommendation makes the process easy. It works based on the common interests of the people.

Now virtual events are the only option to enjoy leisure. Now no one can go out of their home to a physical meetup. So, people try to enjoy human connection virtually. It is refreshing and compensating the loneliness of social distancing.

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