Hoi An: The Old City For Travelers

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Hoi An is perhaps the most well-preserved town of not only Vietnam but South Asia hence it has been declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. With Hoi An being one of the attractive spots for tourists, many Hoi An tourist guides have popped up about Hoi An travel cost, the best time to visit Hoi An, Hoi An beach guide, and top places to visit Hoi An. Exclusively for you, we will not only be doing a guide of the above points, but we will also tell you how to get to Hoi An, Hoi An, what to see, and more.

By the end of it all, you will be well-versed in the best place to stay in Hoi An, Hoi An high season, and all the other essential details that you require to make a successful and memorable trip to the Old City of Hoi An.

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Hoi An Tourist Guide For Exploration

A true traveler requires a detailed Hoi An city guide which is what we are here to provide.

Best Time To Visit Hoi An City

The city only sees two seasons which are dry and rainy. We would say that the best time to visit Hoi An city is from February to May. You will be able to enjoy the clear blue sky, winds teasing your hair and cool temperatures will welcome you. More good news is that tanning season happens during this time too which is why it is the Hoi An high season.

How To Get To Hoi An Easily

  • By train: The old city doesn’t have any train stations but the nearest train station can be found in Da Nang from where you can come to Hoi An by different modes of transport.
  • By bus: How to get to Hoi An by bus? No matter which part of Vietnam you are in, we would emphasize that you choose to go for tourist minibuses or deluxe buses. These will guarantee you professional and quality service. If you opt for local buses then you can take it from Da Nang and it will cost you $1.
  • By taxi: Coming to Hoi An via a taxi is a good option and you can easily find one in Da Nang. It will cost you $10-26 and can take you through the beautiful Marble Mountains.

Hoi An’s Safety Measures

  • When renting/grabbing any public transport, make sure to haggle as much as you can because the drivers of such commutes are known to charge innocent tourists way more than the usual fare. Sadly, often residents of Hoi An join in the charade and scam the travelers.
  • The best of Hoi An’s safety measures and tips for traveling is to get travel insurance.
  • Be mindful of the safety protocols in place in Hoi An due to the ongoing pandemic and check every Hoi An’s tourist guide you can find for this.

Hoi An Day Trip Commute

Traveling in the city of Hoi An is an experience on its own and you will definitely want to follow Hoi An’s safety advice for it. For any Hoi An day trip, you can hire a taxi or take a bus. Be mindful that many drivers tend to charge according to the meter but you should insist on a fixed price.

Hoi An What To See In The City

If you want a list of top places to visit in Hoi An, you have come to the right place as we will tell you all about Hoi An what to see.

Hoi An Shopping Guide Briefly

The local market is insanely famous for handmade clothing items. Tourists mill around in the market for having their clothes tailored, buying shoes or bags and so much more.

Visit Of The Japanese Covered Bridge

A symbol of Hoi An, the bridge was built by the Japanese back in the day. You can cross the bridge and enjoy the scenery freely but will be required to purchase a ticket if you want to go to the annexed pagoda found on one side of the interior of the bridge.

4 Museums And 1 Ticket

You can visit four museums for only 1 ticket, which is one of the highest points of any Hoi An city guide. These magnificent museums are: 

  • Museum of Folk Culture,
  • Museum of Trade Ceramics,
  •  Hoi An Museum of History and Culture,
  • Museum of Sa Huynh Culture.

Quan Cong Temple Of Wooden Statues

Originally, the temple was built to commemorate the Chin Dynasty but it then became an architectural wonder to behold due to the large wooden statues of Chau Xuong, Quan Binh, and Quan Cong.

Marble Mountains Hoi Man Visit

The mountain range features 5 beautiful mountains that can be accessed by paying $1-2 for the ticket. The mountains are loved by tourists because of their pagodas and the knowledge that it was the base for Viet Cong fighters in the war.

Hoi An City Guide For Foods

Hoi An is certainly known for its food especially:

Cao Lầu Of Hoi An

It is the best famous local dish of Hoi An and features many Hoi An tourist guides. A rice noodle dish that owes the noodle water all its glory. The water is taken from a particular well in the city which is what makes it special. The dish also contains pork, vegetables, and different herbs.

White rose Translates To Banh Bao Vac

It is a dumpling dish that is filled with shrimp and the dough of the dumpling is transparent. When rolling the dumpling, it is turned into the shape of a rose.

Wonton Dumplings In Hoi An

The ingredients are the same as those of Chinese dumplings and are often served in soup or as friend dumplings.

Best Place To Stay In Hoi An For Tourists

To reduce your total Hoi An travel cost, we have gathered intel on places that you can stay at without causing damage to your wallet.

Riverside Garden Home

Charge per night: $10-15

Address: 04 village, Thanh Tay Block, Cam Chau District

It is one of the most peaceful places and perhaps the best place to stay in Hoi An. It houses three beautiful air-conditioned rooms that have private bathrooms that come with hot and cold water. You will have 24-hour access to the free WiFi, kitchen, and a reading room. It is located near the river and offers a view of fields.

Hoi An Life Homestay

Charge per night: $15

Address: 53 Pham Van Dong

A pure Hoi An hostel, the place offers basic things like free WiFi and toiletries but you would love the air-conditioned rooms, free bicycle rental service, and free breakfast. Travelers enjoy Homestay because it is near the beach and the Hoai River is a short distance away.

Hi Hop Yen Homestay

Charge per night: $5-14

Address: 103 Ba Trieu & 694 Hai Ba Tru’ng St

Another on our list of Hoi An hostels, this place offers single and double rooms and dorms. The best part is that it is located only 7 minutes away from the Old Town. The rooms are reported to be clean and big but the attitude of the staff is said to be a tad unprofessional.

Green Field Hotel

Charge per night: $6-15

Address: 423 Cua Dai St

The hotel is a budget hotel in all sense which is why it offers dorms and single rooms. There are air-conditioned rooms and rooms with only fans. You will be able to use the computers provided by the hotel in the lobby with a stable internet connection. The WiFi in the rooms can be a little unstable. To relax a bit, you can visit the swimming pool and order cocktails for free for only an hour in the evening.

What Not To Do When In Hoi An

Hoi An is a progressive city for tourists but it still deserves respect from travelers. We urge you to take care of the cleanliness of the city which means no littering. The locals are of sweet nature which is all the more reason to respect them and not do anything untoward. The point is that however you behave at home and in your city, behave a hundred times better when you travel to a different country or city

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