Are you doing your video marketing right?

video marketing

Videos are a game player in your marketing campaign and are currently one of the highly effective ways of getting engaged with potential customers while gaining their attention. Though many marketers fail to understand that the approach is a bit complicated than simply creating a video and making it viral on the internet. So video marketing is not more than a tool and similar to other devices it must be employed rightly. So we have got you the most common reasons why your video marketing technique is not helping you achieve your goals.


The individual attention hardly stays for more or less 8, and you cannot lose even the single moment from that span to have your message delivered. So keep in mind that you will lose 20 percent of users in the first ten seconds and more in the 30 seconds. So if your video has excellent music and intro texts, then your audiences might miss the necessary parts. Hence you have to keep in mind that you have lesser of 10 seconds to get engaged with your viewers, skip intros and get to the point of matter and you might get the right attention.

Unnecessarily long videos

When a viewer comes across to a video and observes that its 10 mins long, they will likely to stay if they have a strong commitment in such practice. Or they might leave right away. The ideal length of a corporate whiteboard animation video has been into debates for a longer time. However, the latest studies declare Best Whiteboard Animation Online ends up for 2 minutes. Till that moment a majority of videos show about 70 percent of attention with a significant decline soon after. So in practice, you must strive for 2 minutes. Well if your video is found even the slightest longer than 2, 6 or 12 minutes, then you need to cut it down. 

Selling aggressively

 It’s true that marketing depends on making efforts to sell your products and service, though this might not mean you have to keep your audiences tired of listening to the sales pitch. There needs to be a place in your plan for the videos only focusing on sales. However, these should often come closer to the end of the bottle. Customers who are still learning the beginning of the sales bottle are more excited about what you can promise them.

You have to create relationships with them, either by giving them advice that is useful or drawing their attention to valuable content. Whatever, you are providing to provide them with, it needs to be something that can be delivered without pitching. If the viewer gets the idea that you are selling something, then you are more likely to be ignored.

Not taking help from the video analytics

Only posting videos and not taking the feedback with the appropriate use of analytics tool is similar to targeting the blindfold with your eye. The analysis can offer you all kinds of valuable feedback about your videos, who watches, what sort of videos are being viewed and for how long the user stayed at the page. The data can give you many points of understanding for how to make the be use of your Best Whiteboard Animation Online so that you will have a better understanding what concept plays well and which consumers are more attracted.

Calling to action after gaining trust

Keeping the call to action or sales pitch at the end of the video and investing the rest of the time to lead up to them gradually is a natural and most sought approach, however, if you do, you might risk a number of your audience before they reach to some significant point. So irrespective of how harsh it sounds, do the things the other way. Place the core concept of your message in the beginning and follow the relevant details that are not so important.

Not doing the SEO 

It’s true that content is a king. However, the top quality content needs something so that people may react to it. When it’s the question of videos, the search engines often operate with the help of Meta descriptions following the videos, so make sure all it contains are the right keywords and phrases. Before creating a Metadata review all the categories, descriptions, titles and tags to make sure they have the appropriate keywords needed for your content.

Fail to come with the right call to action

The fundamental objective to create the video is that you want your viewers to respond. So as they watch your videos, they must not be confused about what to do next. Your call to action may not present as the sales pitch, however, try to make them convinced in a reliable and trusted means, and make a suggestion that is worth following. 

Let’s wrap it up

Video marketing is a highly effective and efficient tool, however, when not employed in the right way it’s can consume more resources and produce less.

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