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Getting engaged or married this year but still not sure how to fund the perfect diamond ring for yourself and your special one? Truth be told, you aren’t alone! There is no denying the fact that you just cannot go wrong with classic solitaires and engagement or wedding bands but it is very natural for you to want your most special purchase of the diamond ring to stand out. From clusters of diamonds with a burst of colors to brilliant-cut diamonds that take the centre stage, there are countless styles and choices out there. Now comes the big question  – which one will you finally commit to?

Each type of engagement or wedding ring has a different design and style details. Different kinds of engagement and wedding rings may even hold different meanings symbolically. Selecting the right diamond ring for yourself can be a challenging task. There is a lot of pressure and thoughts in the mind when it comes to finding the right simulated or traditional diamond jewellery, whether you are searching for something for yourself or a loved one. Remember, your engagement or diamond wedding ring will always stay close to your heart and for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you should choose from a wide range of diamond rings and gold signet rings to make the final decision.

The style of your engagement ring should be one of the first things for you to consider but selecting a radiant cut for your stone cut is equally important. The shape of your diamond ring has a big impact on the entire look of your engagement or wedding diamond ring as well as your budget. Selecting a classic shape will help you add more details to your profile view and shank while selecting a more modern and bolder shape may provide the focus to the centre.

  • Round Brilliant: Both classic and modern engagement and wedding ring styles are very commonly seen with a round brilliant stone. The round brilliant shape can be easily paired with the most setting styles. Round cut engagement rings are among some of the best engagement rings of all time. It is the only shape that has an exceptional facet pattern. One of the best things about the round brilliant shape is its versatility and it can be designed as a classic solitaire, halo, three stone, any other popular engagement or wedding ring you can think of.
  • Oval: The oval cut stones are highly versatile and have a shape similar to that of a round brilliant but they are elongated. Oval engagement and wedding rings have become very popular in the last few decades and now considered the top choice for modern engagement and wedding diamond ring styles. They are characterized by an amazing sparkle and their long design lets the carat weight show up larger than the original size. The Oval stone will be the perfect purchase for you if you appreciate the look of a round brilliant but want something more affordable and more modern.
  • Princess: Princess cut engagement and wedding rings are known to win the hearts of women like nothing else can. The classic square shape of the Princess cut appears great with accent stones, metalwork, or a simple band. The best thing is that you can run your design imagination wild knowing that a Princess cut diamond ring will pair well with almost everything. The beauty and versatility of a Princess cut diamond ring makes it enough to be in style forever.
  • Emerald: The Emerald cut diamond ring resembles a rectangle but it is considered more as a step-cut stone. It means that the Emerald cut engagement and wedding rings sparkle in steps. The Emerald cut diamond ring features long open facets and slightly cropped edges make the ring a captivating purchase.
  • Pearl: The Pearl cut diamond ring features an elongated design flattering the design that creates and beautifies the appearance of a larger carat weight. The Pearl cut diamond ring is traditionally worn pointing away from or pointing toward the hand. Irrespective of how you choose to wear it, it will offer length throughout the finger.

How about choosing from some of the best available options?

  • Pave Diamond Signet Ring: Pave Diamond Oval Stone Signet Rings are ideal to win the heart of your loved one and within no time.
  • Diamond Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring: When it comes to the matters of the hearts, there is nothing better than a Diamond Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring that can bring a sparkle to the eyes of your special someone. You just cannot miss out on this one!
  • Pave Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring: Love is often an unspoken language of the hearts in love but things surely get better when you have the Pave Princess Cut Diamond Rings to make a confession of your pure love before your special one.
  • 18ct Rose & White Gold Diamond Ring: Have you ever wondered how much your love means to your to-be spouse? Well gift her the 18ct Rose & White Gold Diamond Ring and don’t forget to open up your arms to embrace your love.

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