Vaniday Clone App: Launch The Most Perfect On Demand Beauty App

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If you’re a Beautician and own a Salon, it is time to take your Operations Online! How? As an established Brand with a Huge Customer Base in Vicinity, you can launch your very own App and gather a humongous Market Share. Beauty Entrepreneurs can derive many Benefits from Vaniday Clone App. Let’s take a look at some: 


Smart Entrepreneurs who want to expand their Beauty & Salon Services to a Wider Audience and rake in profits need to Launch this App because: 

It offers amazing Customer Experience 

Through the App, your Customers will be able to browse through the Services you offer, make appointments, see the Prices, curate a Personalized Beauty Package, and more. In other words, the On-Demand Beauty App will extend only the best Customer Experience! 

Streamlined Profit Making System 

You’re settling for fewer Profit Making Opportunities if you’re not taking the Brick-and-Mortar Beauty Business Online. Thus, launch a Beauty Booking App and break the shackles of limited Profit Generation. Plus, with the App, you’ll earn consistent income via Commissions-per-Service or Subscription Plans.


User Vaniday Clone App

The User App must include a bunch of Smart Features like: 

Book a Nearby/Available Beautician

Based on the Beautician Category that you chose, the App Screen will display the Experts that are available nearby the User’s Location. Now, the App User can select any one of them, view their detailed Profiles, and send the Service Request. 

Book an Appointment or call an At-Home Beautician

Once the App User selects desired Services and curates a personalized Beauty Package, then, On the Checkout Page they can pick – At User Location or Beauticians Location. This Option, however, the At-Home Service is only available if they have opted to go to a User’s Place! 

Beauty Booking App for Service Providers 

A few Features in the Provider’s App:

Easy Service Management 

Providers can easily manage their Services from the Mobile Application itself! From the Manage Services Option, they can select the desired Beauty Categories from an entire list. 

Upload Photos and Videos 

With this feature, the Providers are enabled to upload Photos and Videos of their Services. They can upload them in the Gallery for Users to view and base their Hiring Decision! 

Admin Panel 

Manage Users and Providers 

The Admin Panel is Robust and allows the App Owner to manage the User’s as well as the Provider’s Profile. The Admin could see their Name, Joining Date, Wallet Balance, Verification Documents, etc.!

Access Earning Reports 

Beauty Booking App Admin can access their Advanced Earning Reports. The graphically represented Report will contain statistics of their Earnings and provide an in-depth or detailed view of Income. This will help the App Owners to manage their Business Better. 


The On-Demand Beauty App is amazing for Aspiring Smart Entrepreneurs because it is available at a Budget-Friendly Cost. To build a similar App, an Entrepreneur usually has to spend at least a Quarter of a Million US Dollars. However, Vaniday Clone App is a Pre-Built App; it doesn’t require you to spend too much money or time to develop it. The White-Labeling Firm Experts will do everything and completely Rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name & Logo. 

Well, Go live with the App in just 7 – 10 Business Days! 


Have you always dreamt of starring on the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of 2022? Do you wish to Earn Easy and Quick Money? Well, now is your chance to kick start your own On Demand Beauty App

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